Cairns Style Design Guide

Cairns Style Design Guide

Postby greenbuild » Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:43 pm

The Cairns Style Design Guide describes in words, pictures and diagrams the tropical style that is the desired design direction for the City of Cairns.
Cairns Style is a broad concept ranging from the overall pattern and rhythm of streets to the detail of window awnings and balustrades.
Cairns Style is important for all building projects, from minor building renovations in the suburbs to new commercial projects in the City Centre. Retaining and enhancing the distinct tropical style and character of Cairns will improve the aesthetics, amenity and liveability of the Cairns Region.

The Guide can be downloaded in our parts:
1. Introduction & Queenslanders (3.4 MB)
2. Contemporary Houses (1.7 MB)
3. Multiple Dwellings, Commercial & Civic (2.5 MB)
4. Landscaping, Screening & Sustainable Building Design (1.3 MB)

It can also be read as a Ebook at this lnk
Landscaping, Screening & Sustainable Building Design
(1014.28 KiB) Downloaded 726 times
Multiple Dwellings, Commercial & Civic (2.5 MB)
(1.99 MiB) Downloaded 615 times
Contemporary Houses (1.7 MB)
(1.24 MiB) Downloaded 682 times
Introduction & Queenslanders (3.4 MB)
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