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Marine grade timber/steel replacement

Cairns/Far North Coastal Region | Cairns Area
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Our range of products are used in a variety of challenging environments that are wet and often salty including posts and rails for oyster growing, marine decking and boardwalks over sensitive wetlands and planking on wharves.

IR posts are solid, not hollow posts that withstand the rigours of most wave or tidal movements and have proved very successful or durable in the oyster industries in Australia and New Zealand.

It does not deteriorate in salt water and is chemically inert and non-toxic. It can be easily nailed, sawn, stapled and drilled without splitting. It does not splinter. It is easy to handle and transport.

Integrated Recycling manufactures EnvIRe® products in Mildura VIC Australia.

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Shop 3, 164-170 Aumuller St. Bungalow QLD 4870
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Di Creasey
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07 4041 2233
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07 4041 3336

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Alan & Diane Creasey
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07 4041 2233
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07 40 413336

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Green Credentials

Integrated Recycling is the link that enables waste plastic to be recycled and recreated as Envire®
Envire® products are:
• Continually recyclable
• Non-toxic & washable
• Can be treated like timber
• Easy to handle
• Resist breakage
• Handle extreme climates
• Rot, pest & UV resistant
• Very low water absorption
• Non-leaching
• Longer lasting

Integrated Recycling’s patented recycled composite mix is made from a combination of post consumer waste polymers i.e. polyethylene (PE) from high density through medium density to low density and polystyrene.

The end of life or post consumer materials are sourced from a variety of agricultural, industrial, transport, retail and consumer uses.

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