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H20 Pure Plus: Domestic

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Advanced Secondary Treatment System

H2O Pure Plus® Domestic incorporates a range of easy to install black and grey water treatment systems to suit any urban community, any dwelling, any lot, any land. The Domestic systems are ideal for retro-fit or greenfield locations and target whole-of house water re-use, in particular for laundry, bathrooms and gardens. You can also add the Rain Saver to catch, treat and use water from your gutter and downpipe, Rain Fresh to naturally purify drinking water from your rainwater tank, and a BioClean ionizing unit to eradicate the green bacterial scum that builds up inside the tank for the cleanest potable water on the planet.

The H2O Pure Plus® wastewater purification system has been designed to minimise expensive maintenance. In many ways, it is a “get and forget” system; it has no filtration membranes that clog up and need constant cleaning or replacing, no mechanical agitators that often break down, and no electrical blowers that often burn out and are expensive to run. There is also no need for the relentless use of toxic chemicals such as chlorine to maintain a semblance of water quality control.

All H2O Pure Plus® systems with Nutrient Removal achieve the 12 monthly service capability with very significant long-term cost savings compared to 3-monthly service fees.

The H2O Pure Plus® systems use only one submersible pump
consuming less electricity. The H2O Pure Plus® systems do not require chlorine to disinfect the final effluent.

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Green Credentials

H2O PurePlus meets the Australian Plumbing & Wastewater code's highest effluent quality benchmark.

The H2O Pure Plus® systems have been approved by Queensland's Department of Infrastructure and Planning to "Advanced Secondary Quality Effluent with Nutrient Reduction".

It is the first Greywater System to achieve a maximum hydraulic load of 10,000 litres per day with full Nutrient Reduction.

Nitrogen/Phosphorus come from urine and detergents. The H2O Pure Plus® systems will be imperative for the installation of Onsite Sewerage Facilities in declared and very sensitive "Water Catchment Areas", which supply drinking water to consumers. It is likely systems without Nutrient removal will not be permitted in Catchment Areas in the future.

H2O Pure Plus® system will reduce the environmental catastrophes from occurring and could help reverse the effects of clogged waterways already wreaking havoc on our ecosystems.

For homeowners, urban planners, local governments the Chief Executive approvals allows reduced set-back distances from watercourses, gullies, dwellings, etc for the Black and Greywater purification systems.

H2O Pure Plus ® systems can be designed for many different application requirements eg: Retro - fit models which allows usage of existing septic tanks.

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