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Atlantis Water Management Systems

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Atlantis is dedicated to designing water management technology that not only meets human needs, such as preventing flooding, but also restoring nature’s water purification system and conserving resources for future use.

In nature, almost ninety per cent of the earth's surface is pervious, letting rainfall infiltrate where impurities can be remedied and moisture retained to support life.

Conversely, in urban areas almost ninety percent of surface area is impermeable and, during rainfall, both air and surface pollutants are trapped and accumulate in water flow.

With technology and developments such as drainage cells, infiltration tanks, purification units and bioremediation soils that restore natural water purification processes, Atlantis has emerged as a world leader in environmental site development and water management.

We have offices and partners in Australia (head office), Europe, South America, Asia and North America and our team of environmental engineers, landscape architects and biologists have over 50 years collective experience in the field.

In partnership with our customers, we offer next generation, environmentally-proven stormwater management and filtration solutions, that can deliver cleaner water resources and greener urban spaces.

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1-5 Kern St Gordonvale QLD 4865
Phone :
07 40565555
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07 40565526
54 Charles St Aitkenvale QLD 4814
Phone :
(07) 4779 1172
Fax :
(07) 4056 5526

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RPM Enviro

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RPM Enviro
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RPM Enviro
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58 304 211 030
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Arnold Roos
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07 40565555
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07 40565526

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Green Credentials

The original Atlantis® Drainage Cell System is world's best practice in effective drainage systems:

* efficiently drains excess water while retaining an optimum moisture level - ideal for promoting plant growth in planter box and roof garden applications

* simultaneously reduces urban flooding and conserves water resources

* the permeable modules can be installed horizontally or vertically and are easily configurable to meet project specifications

* faster installation than traditional drainage systems

* structurally engineered to be used in heavy-duty applications such as roads and railways through to drainage-critical applications such as planter boxes and roof gardens

* manufactured from recycled, hard-wearing polypropylene, the product is indefinitely resistant to chemical and bacterial attack for long-term service

* ideal for sports fields, civil works, retaining walls, bio-filtration, groundwater recharge and general landscape applications

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