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GreenPainters is a not-for-profit organisation promoting sustainable products and trade practices in the painting industry. It is the national sustainability initiative and trains painting contractors in environmental best practice. GreenPainters also provides education, training, resources and information for architects, builders, and consumers.

Accredited GreenPainters perform all the normal services expected from a painter, with one important difference - they are trained to understand and apply the best Eco-friendly solutions for your premises to ensure you reduce energy use, protect the health of the occupants and protect the environment.

'Regular paints give off low level toxic fumes that can cause breathing irritations and headaches. Painted surfaces can continue 'off gassing' fumes for months after painting. The good news is that many paint companies now offer healthier low emission products for the same cost. (These are also known as 'low VOC' products)

CSIRO estimates that indoor air pollution costs the Australian community in excess of $12 billion a year in illness and lost productivity. Because VOC regulations are based on ozone reduction, toxic chemicals that do not form ozone are excluded from the required VOC calculations, as are toxic metals.

Accredited GreenPainters are well aware of issues relating to sensitivities to toxins and can work closely with customers to determine the best outcome.

The GreenPainters website is well worth a visit.

Green Credentials

Good Environmental Choice Australia
Using a Green Painter will save you money on materials. Around a quarter of all paint bought by the DIY sector is never used, compared with just 1.5% of paint bought by trade professionals such as GreenPainters (Source: Go Green Magazine).

Using a Green Painter will also ensure your project is completed to a high standard, saving time and money. Most painters have never used non-toxic paints before, and some find them frustrating. However, GreenPainters love them! In fact, that's all they use, so they're experts at getting the job done right.

An Accredited GreenPainter can advise you as to which paints are suitable for your project. Which paints go where?

GreenPainters work in an environmentally responsible manner, by disposing of unwanted paint properly, and avoiding water wastage during wash-up. Using non-toxic paints also means that when it comes time to wash-up, the run-off won't spoil your garden, or pollute storm-water, which is ultimately better for the environment. In fact, any waste water used when cleaning up after using natural paints can be used to water your garden.
Our members are courteous, and clean up after themselves.

GreenPainters support other environmentally friendly businesses, use green power for their offices and recycled paper. All GreenPainters meet the licensing or registration requirements in their state, which gives you peace of mind.

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