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Daisy Pool Covers

Cairns/Far North Coastal Region | Cairns Area
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A Daisy Solar Pool Blanket will heat your unshaded outdoor pool by up to 8ºC using free solar energy. Free solar energy from the sun passes through the transparent Daisy Pool Blanket to heat your pool water. The Daisy Pool Blanket continues to transmit solar energy into the pool while insulating and preventing evaporative heat loss - resulting in a warmer pool and an extended swimming season. So, when you choose to run your pool heating system to extend your swimming season, you won’t need to use nearly as much energy with a Daisy Pool Blanket because the water will be warmer to begin with and insulated against heat loss.

A Daisy pool blanket will also almost completely stop evaporation - yet, when it does rain, all the water that does fall can still go into the pool, effectively ‘topping it up'.

What makes Daisy Pool Covers so superior is the exclusive UltraDome™ bubble technology which defines the heart of it’s structure. The UltraDome Bubble profile results in a total insulating air layer to almost the entire bubble depth. The air in the bubble and the air trapped between the top layer of the blanket and the water – between the bubbles – effectively form a thick layer of insulation across the entire blanket area. That means there is no part of a Daisy Pool Cover that is not 100% effective, thus producing a stronger and longer-lasting pool blanket.

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Green Credentials

Daisy reduces the cost of maintaining a warm - sustainable pool. It prevents evaporation and heat loss, and is environmentally responsible and economically sensible.

The use of solar pool covers can:
• Save up to 10,000 litres of water a month in an average pool
• Warm your pool - free - by up to 8 degrees giving you months more swimming time
• Help keep out leaves and debris
• Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50%
• Cut evaporation by 97%
• Reduce pool heating cost

Thermal resistance (R) is a measure of insulation effectiveness. A Daisy 500 micron pool cover achieved a very high rating of 0.067m2 K.

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