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Solar Fish

Cairns/Far North Coastal Region | Cairns Area
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Solar-fish provide custom design and installation services for commercial ‘live’ aquaculture export systems, aquariums, and ponds. With a background in natural water purification techniques, Solar-fish are currently researching alternate methods of nutrient output control in large scale aquaculture enterprises.

Custom design and installation services for commercial ‘live’ aquaculture export systems are offered throughout the Tropical Zone. These systems can be installed in commercial fishing vessels or in situ for land-based holding facilities. Design and installation of tropical aquariums and ponds are also offered to clients.

The use of Heliocol solar collectors for industrial hot water preheating significantly reduces the need for mechanical/fuel heat sources and offers a rapid ROI. When extrapolated over the 25 year warranty period of the product, cost savings are very substantial. The system is rugged, durable, and has proven remarkably resistant to intense cyclones; it is the perfect solution for large-scale potable water preheating in the Tropical Zone and Solar-fish is well positioned to deliver this solution.

Solar-fish also offers solar electricity and traditional household solar hot water services to domestic and commercial clients.

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12 705 848 961
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Justin Lambert
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07 4057 5177
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07 4055 6728
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Green Credentials

Solar-fish is actively establishing an entirely new (to Australia) industry using Heliocol collectors as preheaters. BSA licensed in the classes of Builder Restricted to Swimming Pool Construction, and Plumbing and Drainage (#1215981).

Justin, Daniel, and Ben Lambert own, and have been operating, a successful company in North Queensland since 2003 within the solar energy and swimming pool sectors.

Tony Hartney is a licensed pool builder with eight years experience in construction and sales for one of NQ’s leading pool building companies. Tony also has fifteen years experience in the commercial ‘live’ fish trade which includes setting up commercial aquaculture projects, management of animals for large aquariums worldwide, and commercial diving.

Together this combination of skills and strengths has inspired Solar-fish, an innovative and leading-edge technology based company which drives to promote a variety of sustainable solutions throughout the Tropical Zone.

Further, we are currently researching alternate methods of nutrient output control in large-scale aquaculture enterprises. We have identified the potential for using a combination of solar electricity, solar water temperature regulation, hydraulics, and vegetation in a system designed to assist farmers to better control nutrient output.

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