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Company Profile

MiHaven is a full turn key solution to provide cost effective housing and community buildings with well designed, steel framed, cyclone rated and flood proof housing solutions that can be built within a 8 - 12 week period.

MiHaven is designed to be permanent with quality finishes and suitable for the hot and wet tropics but easily adaptable to colder southern climates.There is a MiHaven to suit your budget, site, needs and style, including one, two, three or four bedrooms, high or low set, and flexible roof designs including: a classic Queenslander hipped, gabled roof or a contemporary skillion roof. They will suit large or small lots, flat or sloping sites.

MiHaven have an innovative, streamlined procurement system providing a significant saving in time, transport, labour and waste materials. One of MiHaven’s key points of difference is that it is not a prefabricated/factory build. MiHaven’s innovation is in the procurement/delivery system combined with onsite training, ensures traditional construction techniques and skills are retained in local communities. This provides a unique opportunity to involve the local communities in the development of their buildings and infrastructure, with the longer-term benefit in up-skilling creating a platform to support social enterprise within the community.

MiHaven’s training business is undertaken in conjunction with our alliance partner Collins Warehousing.

Green Credentials

Our core business values are to establish a sustainable business aligned to social enterprise delivering quality housing for remote communities and positive long-term employment outcomes for indigenous Australians. MiHaven addresses pressing indigenous social problems of overcrowding, high housing prices, unemployment, high youth suicide rates and low self-esteem. We do this by training indigenous people to build affordable but attractive and durable cyclone rated housing and providing the systems to do so.

MiHaven currently has operations Australia wide and is proud to be 100% Australian owned and made.

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