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Martin Boniface & Colette Ryan
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Bontech Pty Ltd and Bonlec Pty Ltd are sister companies based in North Queensland.

Bontech Pty Ltd specialises in solar water pumping and alternative technologies located in Townsville and Hughenden.

Bonlec Pty Ltd is a building management & controls specialist firm with offices in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Hughenden. Bonlec also design and manufacture switchboards and provide full time maintenance contracts to a range of commercial clients.

Fields Of Commerce


Target Industries

Infrastructure e.g.; prisons & airports

Specialist Areas Of Tropical Expertise

Water pumping - bores, well dams and de-watering
Monitoring systems
Off grid power - solar, battery and generator
Smart lighting
Energy management control systems

Year Established


Management Team

Martin Boniface, Sole Director
Stephen Winter, Special Projects Coordinator
Keith Hastie, General Manager, Bonlec Pty Ltd
Colette Ryan, Project & Admin Manager

Type Of Export Business Sought

Joint Venture

Certificate And Quality Approvals

Cert IV Electric Photovoltaic Systems Accredited Design Install
Grid Connect Systems
Accredited Design Install, Stand Alone Power Systems
Building Management System Integrators


• 2004 Rural Inventor of the Year for Re- mote Monitoring
• 2009 Accepted participant in the COMET Grant scheme
• 2011 Finalist in The Big Idea
• 2012 Electrical Contractors Association
Smart Wiring Award

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Company Profile

Bontech Pty Ltd and Bonlec Pty Ltd are sister companies based in
North Queensland.

Australian owned and family operated, the Bonlec and Bontech businesses have grown and evolved over the past 26 years and now collectively employ 35 staff.

Bontech specialises in custom designed solar submersible pumps to access water from bores, well dams etc which are tailored to suit our harsh Australian conditions.

Bontech also provides custom designed and built remote power systems and remote area monitoring.

The Bontech research and development team currently has 4 patents, including Spilla (pump adaptor which allows any surface pump to be used as a deep well pump) and Agmon (a unique range of monitoring equipment).

Bonlec provides a diverse range of electrical maintenance services including air-conditioning, switchboards, smart lighting, PLC control systems and energy management.

Technologies and Capabilities

Trading as Bontech Alternative Technologies for the past 12 years, Bontech have been in the business of supplying and installing unique custom designed solar water pumping systems (both submersible and dam floating) for properties in the North and West regions of Queens- land and the Northern Territory.

Bontech also pride themselves in the design and supply of a range of Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) systems and associated components tailored to suit the needs of our individual customers. With improvements incorporated from our research & development division, the products range from small systems incorporating portable generators that are ideal for outstations and mustering points, to larger sea container housed systems to provide power for the family home. These systems come in kit form, do not require tradesman installation and are re-locatable.

Our research & development division has had great success in progressing applications for remote monitored solar telemetry systems, winning Bontech the North Queensland Newspapers 2004 Rural Inventor of the Year Award at the North Queensland Field Days.

Bontech are currently undergoing field trials with the Spilla pump prototypes.

Company Background

Established by Martin Boniface in 1985 with an original trading name of Boniface Services, Bonlec was a part-time service orientated electrical business. During this time Martin was employed as the Maintenance Engineer for Country Style Bakeries (now known as Country Bake).

Boniface Services continued to grow as the need for a reliable, competent, 24-hour electrical maintenance company increased in the Townsville region. It wasn’t long before Boniface Services had full time maintenance contracts with customers such as Country Style Bakeries, Woolworths stores, Techno Plastics, Tip Top Bakeries and AE Smith.

In 1991, with four employees Boniface Services became Bonlec Pty Ltd. Our Townsville branch has shown steady growth over the past few years and now employs 28 staff.

In 2001, Bonlec expanded again, with the opening of a branch in Mac- kay. Bonlec Mackay now has 6 full time staff.

In October 2005, the Hughenden branch opened to give Bonlec a base in the heart of the cattle stations where solar pumping was becoming increasingly popular as an alternative for the watering of stock.

In July 2009, the solar division in both Townsville and Hughenden branched away completely from the electrical side and formed their own company called Bontech Pty Ltd, specialising in water pumping and alternative technologies.

At Bontech we pride ourselves on being able to overcome any prob- lem or circumstance that may present itself. With this in mind, Bon- tech’s research and development section has 3 registered patents.

Australian Projects

Bontech developed technological solutions include:

Agmon® Range of Products: Custom designed internet connected
remote monitoring systems. Its primary design function is to monitor the level of a water tank using a drop in pressure monitor & send an alert if it drops below a predetermined level. It will also let you know current battery voltage to indicate the solar charging system is functioning correctly. If at any time, the tank level drops below a critical level Agmon will send an email & an SMS message to your phone and to the website. Agmon can also be used to monitor and send any other information needed. With the addition of other sensors eg rain gauge serves as weather station or monitor pump flow rates. Agmon has an online information centre so that all data (current & historical) can be accessed at any time.

SPILLA® pump adaptor: Early prototype testing conducted at James Cook University, in collaboration with Rockfield Technologies, indicated the pump would significantly outperform the Venturi ( jet pump) up to depths of 40 metres. With Spilla, any pump can be a deep well pump!

Small Engine Controller: The small engine controller was designed to provide a cost effective means to automatically start & stop a small electric start engine principally for pumping, generator or solar pump back up applications.

Green Credentials

Agmon® monitoring equipment
Spilla® pump adaptors
Certificate & Quality Approvals:
• Cert IV Electric Photovoltaic Systems
• Accredited Design Install, Grid Connect Systems
• Accredited Design Install, Stand Alone Power Systems
• Building Management System Integrators

Technology or Patent Ownership:
• Spilla® pump adaptor allows any surface pump to be a deep well pump
• Agmon® range of monitoring equipment with web access and data linkage
• Small Engine Controller remote start & stop functionality
• Pipe wear monitor, particularly suitable for mining industry

• 2004 Rural Inventor of the Year for Remote Monitoring
• 2009 Accepted participant in the COMET Grant scheme
• 2011 Finalist in The Big Idea
• 2011 Electrical Contractors Association Smart Wiring Award

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