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Green Pipe TGP

Cairns/Far North Coastal Region | Cairns Area
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The Green Pipe is 100% recycled plastic & 100% Australian.
• Replaces concrete, fiber cement & and other piping products in civil, agricultural and forestry applications
• Tested in accordance with AS1462 & AS 2566 for crush strength and life underground
• Proven performance Australia wide with national distribution network
• 250mm to 600mm in 6 metre lengths and light weight for easy installation
• Pipe Fittings, Recycled Plastic Headwalls and Water Control Valves to suit

Stormwater and Drainage:
The Green Pipe is widely recognised as a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for stormwater and drainage systems. Approved and used by councils throughout Australia for stormwater and sewage re-use systems The Green Pipe is providing a real opportunity for organisations to promote their green credentials.

Ease of handling solves many difficult access issues and at the same time reduces machinery requirements. Ease of installation will substantially reduce costs for all your drainage projects.
The fully installed and lifecycle cost is lower than comparable products for most applications. Manufactured in 6 metre lengths creating fewer joints during installation, improving laying rates and minimizing potential leakage points. The Green Pipe is tough. Even the highest level acidic soils have no effect on it so that once installed it will last indefinitely. It is easily cut with a chainsaw, circular saw or angle grinder.

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Shop 3, 164-170 Aumuller St. Bungalow QLD 4870
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Di Creasey
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07 4041 2233
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07 4041 3336

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Alan & Diane Creasey
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07 4041 2233
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0740 413336

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Green Credentials

TGP is made from 100% recycled plastic (high density polyethylene) including a QA requirement of a minimum of 95% food grade containers (almost entirely from household collected post consumer milk & orange juice grade bottles)

Whilst comparing the embodied energy of The Green Pipe to that of its competitors, we found that the results were better than our own expectations, all research results indicated the embodied energy of TGP to be between only 7% & 25% of that of the competitors.

The green Pipe’s embodied energy has been calculated at 7.91 Mj/kg including the collection of raw materials & the complete manufacturing process

Whilst HDPE is itself non-degradable underground TGP raw materials sources ensure that the pipe will not leach toxic products into the surrounding soil. No ‘Drum Muster’ products are used in manufacture.

Since its development in 1999 TGP have converted over 100 billion 2 litre milk bottles. Most recently the West Gate Freeway Alliance used the equivalent of 67,200 x 2 litre plastic milk and orange juice grade bottles that would’ve otherwise been landfill.

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