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Weathertex Rubix Panel

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Rubix Panel is the newest and easiest paneling system to hit the market. Rubix Panel is a self-locking Architectural Panel product available in square or rectangle panels designed to be joined on or off-stud.

Rubix Panel provides unprecedented flexibility and ease of installation.There is no need to pre-plan the stud layout and no joining accessories are required. Rubix Panel is a revolutionary product, solving the building puzzle of external matrix style

The random fibre pattern eliminates delamination and promotes moisture resistance. It is this dense, random structure that allows the product to be successfully used in external applications and ideal for internal applications. It also allows nails to be driven close to edges without pre-drilling. It is termite resistant.

DIY has been made easy with Weathertex Rubix Panel.

1200mm x 1200mm Square
1200mm x 900mm Rectangle

The external installation standard fixing method is suitable for cyclonic wind classification C3.

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Atherton Hardware Mitre 10

33 Mabel Street Atherton Qld 4883
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Peter Bray
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4091 1888
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4091 1872

Malanda Hardware Mitre 10

32 James Street, Malanda Qld 4885
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Rob Duncombe
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4096 5441
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4096 5425

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Mitre 10

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Mitre 10
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Mitre 10
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07 4038 2044
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07 4038 2088

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Green Credentials

Weathertex is an EcoSpecifier Green Tagged product
PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organization.
Weathertex’s timber product is the only product of its kind in the world, containing absolutely no artificial glues or binders.

As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, Weathertex is proud to deliver sustainable and durable reconstituted timber products.

Weathertex produces 100% of its product from sustainable new growth Australian hardwood in an ISO 9001 certified process.

All hardwood sourced for the production of Weathertex products comes from local new growth forests within 150 kilometres of the site.

Weathertex returns massive carbon savings by producing a product that actually contains more carbon removed from the atmosphere than what is emitted during its production.

Weathertex can proudly boast that its products have a negative
carbon footprint.

Timber is the only building material that is completely sustainable. Carbon dioxide sequestered from the atmosphere as trees grow, is the source of carbon in new timber cells. When timber is used to produce building products, the carbon stored in the timber cells remains locked up in the timber for the life of the product.

Weathertex offers a 10 Year Guarantee for Rubix Panel.

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