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Platypus Power manufacture quality micro hydro electric turbines and control equipment that provide renewable, reliable and cost effective electricity in remote locations. Our systems supply homes, farms, villages, tourist resorts, telemetering sites etc, in rural areas not served by grid electricity. Platypus Power also offer a site evaluation and system design service.

Platypus Power specialise in Micro Hydro design and manufacture. They have turbines across Australia, in New Guinea, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and Zimbabwe. The company has full accreditation for design and installation of remote area power systems from the Solar Energy Industries Association of Australia (SEIAA).

A range of off the shelf units are available from small DC battery charging turbines to 20 kWatt AC models. Above this size site specific turbines are manufactured.

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What are some of the things I should look for in a Hydro site?

The greatest fall over the shortest route. It is easier and cheaper to transmit electricity than to pipe water. A micro hydro can be situated up to 2km from the facility it is supplying. However when systems are designed this distance is kept as short as possible.

A permanent water supply is needed and a turbine site that is above high water. Also look at the terrain, to choose the best route and method of running the pipe.

The higher the flow that is available the less head is needed to produce a given amount of power, and vice versa.

Does Micro Hydro offer value for money?

Micro hydro is the most cost-effective way of generating electricity where there is a reliable supply of water. Maintenance is minimal and there are no fuel costs. Electricity is generated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The average hydro electric generator costs only one-tenth as much as a solar system of equivalent output.

Each site is different so civil works and pipe costs vary tremendously. For turbine prices see 240 V AC and Battery Charging pages. The return on your investment is determined by how much your electricity is costing at present, including fuel, fuel transport costs, maintenance, reliability, capital investment in equipment and running costs.

Our technically advanced equipment offers quality and performance with simplicity and reliability.

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