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Solar Star Solar Powered Roof Ventilation Solution

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As a global leader in solar-powered roof ventilation systems, Solar Tube and SuperGreen Solutions offers Solar Stars, technologically advanced and eco-friendly solutions that deliver comfort and peace of mind. By drawing the power coming free of the sun, Solar Star roof ventilators cost nothing to operate and are thus virtually maintenance-free. They require no electrical wiring, making them easy to install and maintain. (We suggest that you use one of the Super Green Solutions Trained Solar Star Installers as you don’t want any leaks. )

Since Solar Star roof vents prevent heat and moisture from reaching critical levels that makes cooling down your house a pain, your ceiling cavity will always stay cooler and dryer. As a result, you get greater comfort, lower power bills and prolonged roof and building life.

Bear in mind that Heat and moisture are enemies when it comes to your home and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there doing damage daily. So a SuperGreen Solutions Solar Star Roof ventilator will neutralize moisture problem and extract the heat out of your roof cavity, keeping your home cool in summer and protecting it from harm during the winter.

Compare our products below or talk to one of our SuperGreen Solutions Trained Sky lighting and Energy Efficient Specialists at our dedicated Showroom at 161 Ingham Rd, West End, Townsville, 4810 Today. Or Call 07 4772 7655 or email email/sales.tsvl)( Or to simply schedule a Free Quote.

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SuperGreen Solutions

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SuperGreen Solutions

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SuperGreen Solutions
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Sean Cochrane
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Green Credentials

The Super Green Solutions RM 1600 RM 1200 Attic / Roof Vent generates maximum amount of power to battle built-up heat and moisture in your roof cavity. This is the ideal solar-powered ventilation solution for large attic spaces and extreme climates such as we have here in Australia. As you know roof spaces by design are meant to be ventilated year-round. SuperGreen Solutions Solar Star attic / Roof Vent, fans are whisper quiet and would hardly be audible from within the house or in the yard


Summer means longer days, more sun, and warmer temperatures. If heat isn’t vented from your ceiling or attic properly, it builds up and causes problems in your home down the track:

-Your Living spaces become hot and uncomfortable
-Your Air conditioning units work harder to keep rooms cool
-Your Utility costs rise due to increased energy use
-Your Roof structures and materials deteriorate quicker.

A Solar Star Roof Ventilation system from SuperGreen Solutions will solve these problems by removing excess heat from your home, giving you a more comfortable interior and lower energy bills.

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