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Organic Motion

Tablelands Region | Mareeba Tablelands Area
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Our Products range from individual garden elements installed into your garden or simply efficient tools or equipment to crEATe fertility.

They include the:

• Herb Spiral featuring natural rock edging and your choice of 11 culinary or medicinal herbs.

• Earth Oven generally made from all natural and recycled materials and brings a beautiful functional addition to the backyard.

• Banana/Mulch Pit Guilds: Papaya, banana and coconut circles with taro or other moisture loving plants and sweet potato along the outside edge.

• Bokashi System: everything you need to start composting your kitchen scraps with the Urban Composter™ Starter Kit. Turn your food waste into a resource!

• Black Earth BioChar: Premium quality fixed carbon Biochar, nutrient bonded soil conditioner which is soil ready.

• CocoTap: Revolutionizes the way you drink coconut juice!

• Multiple Composting Bay: This design has multiple functions and easy production and organisation of compost.

• Poultry Systems: including the Chicken Tractor that is a movable chicken house.

• Vertical Wall Garden: A wall garden brings an amazing look & innovation to the home – grow your herbs and vegetable in close proximity to your kitchen.

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Organic Motion

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Organic Motion
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Organic Motion
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Tonielle Christensen
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Green Credentials

Organic Motion integrates 'permaculture' design techniques, principles and ethics into each landscape.

From concept to crEATion – your garden could be an Edible Vision......

We offer resources to assist with crEATing aesthetic organic food producing and energy efficient landscapes by using sustainable strategies based on intelligent design, that integrates and encourages holistic living 'from your garden to your plate'.

Consultation CONCEPT and design CREATION...

A consultation is worthwhile if you want to learn how to read your landscape to maximise energy efficiency, obtain a basic conceptual design and plan to see the possibilities for holistic living solutions that could transform your garden.

Nourishing Schools for Edible Education...

Organic Motion is passionate about changing the way children approach and think about food. With the power of film, and then a mix of on the ground activities there is a holistic approach to edible education. What’s the story of your food?

'GardenBlitz' at your place?

We facilitate workshops for individuals and groups who want to get together and learn how to implement an edible landscape, learning by doing.

School Kidz Blitz

Edible education and nourishing our children is where its at! So much can be achieved at a fraction of the cost when kids, parents and teachers put their hats on and shovels out.

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