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Cob Ovens traditionally by ROCKCOTE

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Cob oven kits: We have simplified the building process so that families, schools, community groups, just about anyone can build a wood-fired pizza oven.

Kits include:

• Optimised cob mix (blended, bagged and ready to use)
• Firestone arch: an archway and door are too technical to form from cob, so we supply a ready-made firestone arch, made from post-industrial waste
• Firestone door: the door and arch work together to provide control over the temperature of the oven while making it burn more efficiently
• Fire bricks: used to create the floor of the oven. Lying them flat in a bed of clay ensures you obtain an authentic, crispy base on your pizza
• Straw, shade cloth, sand and trowel: so you know you have everything you need
• Cob Pizza Oven plans

Our design is based on the ancient geometry of the cycloid arch, making it structurally strong yet still beautiful. The ratios used have been refined over thousands of years to allow air to flow through the oven in the most efficient way.

Five reasons to use our plans:

• Beautiful: a stunning centrepiece to your backyard
• Easy: Build your oven in a weekend, not a year
• Inexpensive: the plans are totally FREE! You can used readily available materials or our relatively inexpensive kit
• Effective: heats quickly and easily, designed to move the air efficiently to generate heat
• Tasty: Why waste time when you could be eating pizza, vegies, roast fish, and bread straight out of your own oven?

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ROCKCOTE Enterprises

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ROCKCOTE Enterprises Pty Ltd
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ROCKCOTE Enterprises
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David Ogle
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Green Credentials

Most people think of building a pizza oven from brick or refractory cement. So did we when we built out first oven 10 or 15 years ago.

After several versions in the development stage, we realized how much easier it was to build an oven out of cob instead. We decided to use the ovens as part of our efforts to reintroduce clay as a building product of the future.

Our aim is to supply you with all the plans, knowledge, confidence and materials to build an oven out of clay that truly outperforms any oven.

Because ROCKCOTE wood-fired pizza ovens aren’t made from bricks, most of the heavy, precise work is taken out of building them. This makes them a fun project that can involve people of all ages and skill levels.

ROCKCOTE wood-fired ovens aren’t just for pizza either. Use your new oven to cook a wide variety of foods including meat, fish, bread and vegetables … the possibilities are endless!

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