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Banking services:
Green loans, home loans, personal loans, savings,
investments, children’s accounts

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Green Loans

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• Peter Phillips, CEO
• Karen Smith, Head of Finance
• Donna Spencer, Head of Products &

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Company Profile

We’re in the very heart of beautiful Cairns and have been providing
banking services for the locals of Cairns for more than 100 years.

• Quick decisions on loans, competitive products and great rates
with quality service that exceeds your expectations – you will like
doing business with us.

• No frustrating call centres or hand-offs – we deal with your business

• What we can’t describe is our passion for customer service. We’d
love you to experience that first hand!

Technologies and Capabilities

Green Loans:

Cairns Penny Green Loans are designed with you in mind.

Cairns Penny has a specially designed Green Loan for those thinking
about the environmental sustainability of their home.

Designed to fund the installation of initiatives such as photovoltaic
systems (solar panels), solar or heat pump hot water systems, rain water
tanks, home insulation and grey water systems, we offer great rates
on both secured and unsecured loans.

With loans available from $3,000 to $25,000 ($15,000 unsecured), applying
for green loans is simple and straightforward.

1. Installation of “Green” initiatives such as Photovoltaic Systems (solar
panels & associated equipment)
2. Solar or Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
3. Rain Water Tanks
4. Home Insulation
5. Grey Water Systems

We offer both secured and unsecured Green Loans, all of which are at
variable rates.

Company Background

Having recognised that Cairns was in need of a bank to genuinely serve the needs of everyday people, Cairns Penny was established by a prominent group of local businessmen in 1899 on a trestle table in the School of Arts. Cairns Penny has since grown, yet, despite banks having gained a global reputation for being impersonal and greedy, Cairns Penny has always been true to its traditional values with their major focus remaining on customer service. As well as being a renowned and respected local bank, the name ‘Cairns Penny’ is steeped in history. Before we had dollars and cents, our Australian currency consisted of pounds, shillings and pence. The penny, featuring the Kangaroo, has been around since 1938 and was used as part of the name because the bank’s founders always said; ‘Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.’

We love talking about Cairns Penny’s history – come and see us if you want to know more or see the fantastic collection of pennies.

Green Credentials

Cairns Penny
Cairns Penny offers a range of services including everyday banking, home loans, savings, term deposits, foreign exchange services and an award winning children’s account – First Penny. There are no call centres (you speak to real people, not computers) and the staff get to know their customers personally.

Customers of Cairns Penny are also ‘members’ and any profits are returned back to help both them and the community.

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