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Tablelands Region | Atherton Tablelands Area
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SolarWorks provide extensive experience and first class service along with a strong commitment to quality, safety and environmental management. We service all areas in North Queensland.

With twenty-five years of living with and designing and installing renewable energy systems, we provide a full consultation service aimed at informing customers of the choices they have for renewable energy power systems and products.

A growing awareness of how energy is used and produced has meant a huge increase in customer enquiries. Government rebate schemes available in some areas provide further incentive for customers to see renewable energy power sources as a viable option.

System Design, Product Supply & System Installation:
Being fully accredited with BCSE, experienced and professional, SolarWorks provide a specialised service for the design, supply and installation of all power systems. We can assist you in making an educated decision when purchasing any products based on your needs – from the smallest DC Light bulbs to large solar panel arrays.

System Maintenance:
SolarWorks recommends a 12 month maintenance schedule for all solar systems in order to protect the long term integrity of the system. This involves all cable connections, battery condition check, solar panel outputs, inverter performance and regulator integration. We support our customers with information and after sales service.

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Nick Chapman
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4096 5546
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0408 451679

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Green Credentials

BCSE [Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy]
Photovoltaic Solar Panels or Solar modules, are installed together to form a solar array. Solar modules are made up of silicon solar cells, each of which is made up of layers of two types of silicon crystal. When light strikes the cell, an electrical potential (voltage) is set up between the two layers and power is produced.

Solar modules DO NOT require heat in order to produce energy: in fact, their power output reduces slightly when they become very hot. A cooling breeze or bright white cloud can increase a solar module's normal output.

Solar modules in commercial production are generally made from one of three types of cells:

1. Monocrystalline thin wafers cut from a large circular single crystal of silicon.

Solar cells of this type are the most efficient available and hence solar modules produced with this type of silicon are slightly smaller than those made with other types of cells. BP solar panels are comprised of monocrystalline cell.

2. Polycrystallineare made from thin wafers cut from a group of tiny crystals pieced together.

Solarex panels are made up of polycrystalline cells.

3. Amorphous or thin film cells - formed by laying a thin film of silicon directly on the glass, by the condensation of gaseous silicon. The thickness of these cells can be measured in numbers of atomic layers.

These are the type normally used in calculators and other small appliances.

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