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Altair® Louvres by Breezway

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Breeway Altair Louvre Windows are stocked at all leading hardware stores and door and window specialist stores throughout North Queensland.
Throughout North Queensland 4870


Top choice for the tropics, top choice for healthy buildings, locals in North Queensland are in love with Breezway Altair® Louvre Windows.

Breezway is at the forefront of louvre window technology and design with a constant stream of product improvements flowing from the Queensland based R&D Centre.

At Breezway, we believe buildings should be designed to work with nature, rather than sealing up and fighting against it. Altair® Louvre Windows allow air conditioning and artificial lights to be turned off so you can live naturally.

With no fixed panes and blades that open almost horizontally in an aluminium window or timber frame, Altair® Louvres open twice as wide as regular windows to maximise ventilation.

There are a variety of good Altair® Louvre Window design principles that can achieve a comfortable indoor climate, save energy used for heating and cooling and meet the energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code.

Most importantly, the tight sealing allows Altair® Louvres to withstand positive and negative wind pressures (of up to 290km/hr) such as those experienced during Australia’s largest and most horrific Cyclone, Category 5 Cyclone Yasi, on 2nd February 2011.

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Breezway Australia Pty Ltd

Please direct purchase enquiries to your nearest retailer of our products.

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Breezway Australia Pty Ltd
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Breezway Australia Pty Ltd
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Gavin Heriot is this regions sales rep.
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1800 777 758
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07 3397 8643
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0433 430 287

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Green Credentials

Altair® Louvre Windows are perfect for North Queensland
Hot Summers & Mild/Warm Winters where we:

1. Maximise cooling natural ventilation with Altair Louvre Windows.
2. Reduce solar heat gain on East, West and South orientations by using toned glazing, glazing with low e coatings, timber or aluminium louvre blades. Increase solar heat gain on Northern orientation.
3. Reduce conducted heat gain by using windows with lower U-values.

Altair Louvre Windows are made entirely from corrosion resistant aluminium, stainless steel and industrial strength plastics for long life durability.

When closed the tight seal ensures air conditioning runs efficiently.

Altair® Louvre Windows, including the Powerlouvre® and Stronghold® System can be designed to fit almost any project.

From Keylocks to Security Bars, Altair® Louvres offer a wide choice of options to choose from.

They can be screened with fibreglass mesh to keep the insects out, or woven metal mesh to keep intruders out or for bushfire protection. And the screens can be positioned to the outside or the inside of the building with easy maintenance.

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