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The Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) is a national Indigenous science and technology not-for-profit organisation.

CAT offers applied research, technical advisory services, service delivery capacity, skills development and community engagement approaches in the areas of water supplies, energy, waste management, transport, telecommunications, community planning, housing and community facilities.

CAT has considerable expertise in renewable energy services, community energy planning, energy efficiency programs, systems design and maintenance networks in remote areas.

Remote housing is not just shelter. It is a focus for diverse family and community activities and a potential base for livelihoods activities. The amenity of a house depends not only on the materials and fixtures inside the building and yard but also on the type of service connections that extend beyond the fence line — services such as water, energy, waste, transport and telecommunications.

Reliable and affordable housing and infrastructure services in remote areas often requires looking beyond the technology itself and focusing on how people understand, manage and maintain the technologies they encounter in their everyday lives. It also requires considered attention to the matrix of responsibility amongst service providers, utilities and community residents.

Green Credentials

CAT was established in 1980 and is incorporated under the Northern Territory Associations Act. CAT is governed by an Indigenous Board and works with remote communities across central and northern Australia and has offices in Alice Springs (NT), Darwin (NT), Derby (WA) and Cairns (QLD). CAT is the owner of a company, Ekistica Pty Ltd, which trades as CAT Projects.

CAT is the owner of a company, Ekistica Pty Ltd, which trades as CAT Projects. CAT Projects delivers professional engineering services and solutions designed to enhance the sustainability of remote and urban communities across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

More information is available at CAT manages the Bushlight project and information is available at

Through the Desert Peoples Centre Joint Venture, CAT is the managing agency for the desertHub – a social enterprise development and support initiative. More information is available at

CAT has been active in the field of small community water supply risk management since 1994.

Core to CAT’s approach is building relationships with local people, service agencies, research institutions and governments to encourage demand responsive approaches to infrastructure development, risk management and maintenance important for infrastructure reliability and for developing sustainable livelihoods opportunities across remote Australia.

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