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Energy Star Heat Reflective Coatings by Astec Paints

Cairns/Far North Coastal Region | Cairns Area
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Energy Star Heat Reflective Coatings
Australia's Leading Brand.
Trusted by Architects, Builders and Renovators.....Since 1978

Energy Star® Takes The Heat Out Of Building and Restoration...!

Energy Star® coatings are sustainable Energy Efficient solutions for roofs and walls that significantly reduce absorbed heat in the building envelope.

The use of Energy Star® systems during restoration or new construction results in energy cost savings, cooler occupancy zones and reduced Co2 emissions.

Cool Walls:
Astec Energy Star texture and render systems significantly reduce absorbed heat in the wall by selective reflection of infrared light. Walls remain cool, even in dark colours.

Cool roofs:
Astec Energy Star infrared heat reflective coating systems reflect fully 50% of solar heat by infrared reflection. Even in darks colours, their low solar absorbance and high emittance will significantly reduce absorbed heat in roofing substrates. Install at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing, they are aesthetically pleasing and remain cool in the extremes of summer.

Astec paints are used by Urban Fresh, a dynamic and professional painting company specializing in domestic and commercial painting. Based in Cairns we service areas from Innisfail through to Port Douglas and surrounding areas offering a full-service for your project’s interior or exterior paint works.

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Urban Fresh Painting

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Urban Fresh Painting
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Urban Fresh Painting
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Jake Honkaniemi
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07 40456045
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0438 651379

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Green Credentials

Codemark Certification
Good Environmental Choice Ausatralia
Australian Owned and Made
Confidence for Certifiers, Builders and Architects Energy Star® heat reflective coatings are the first, and only range of roof and wall coatings to be Code Mark certified and approved for guaranteed compliance with the Building Code of Australia (B.C.A.) Section J – Energy Efficiency Guidelines.

Astec Paints are leaders in Green, Sustainable, Low VOC Products. Sustainability is at the core of their business philosophy. They are proud of their portfolio of leading brands that make a positive difference to the environment and the health of our buildings. With more than 95% of all products being low in V.O.C. and certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia, as green sustainable products.

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