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Landscaping & Feature Lawns,
Golf Turf & Sports Fields,
Erosion & Environment.

Tropical Lawns specializes in growing and supplying the best quality grass for the Cairns turf industry.

This includes four species of slow growing low maintenance Zoysia Grasses.

Our range of professional turf services includes: advice & problem solving, free measure & quote, professional turf laying, specialized erosion control products, top dressing sports fields, line planting and stolonising large areas like parks and golf courses.

Sustainability, diversification and excellence in service and supply are all hallmarks of this business, which provides a holistic approach to turf solutions. Growing 10 different varieties of grass, Tropical Lawns can assist with your home lawn needs, landscaping, golf / sport turf and erosion control.

Tropical Lawns caters to the Cairns turf industry servicing clients across Tropical North Queensland, from the Torres Strait Islands and Cooktown, to Townsville and the Atherton Tablelands. Specialist Cairns turf is even exported as far afield as Thailand, Vietnam, Fiji and Vanuatu.

Green Credentials

Sustainability today and in the future is the phrase that sums up our operations. Healthy turf has many positive environmental benefits. Turf is nature’s form of erosion control. Healthy turf sequesters carbon the same as trees and provides a significant cooling effect to our environment. It reduces glare and noise, traps rainwater and assists aquifer recharge; it helps to degrade pollutants and is an effective form of fire control.

This innovative Cairns business maximizes the environmental benefits of its turf, by specializing and growing species that minimize water consumption, fertilizing and mowing. Happily, some of these species already exist in nature and at Tropical Lawns it is our quest to find them, improve them and make them available to our clients.

Tropical Lawns is continually researching different species, seeking the perfect grass that grows well when conditions are good, withstands drought and bounces back quickly after rain with lush, green, weed free growth.

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