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Microbial control by Bion Water Synergetics

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World Leaders in Legionella Prevention Equipment. End to End solutions for your Water Treatment Needs

Welcome to Bion Water Synergetics, your one stop shop for all your water treatment needs. We are a dynamic team that has brought specific sections of water disinfection and cleaning technology into the 21st century.

Potable water and specifically tepid water loops pose an elevated risk for Legionella infections and can host many other waterborne pathogens. This can potentially become a serious issue in all buildings, not only hospitals, health care facilities, nursing homes, hotels, offices and homes.

Our Accuion™ FT series technology provides a scalable solution for your potable and tepid water treatment needs.The units come in standard sizes as per table below, however, they can be scaled to any flow rate required in either domestic or industrial application.

The precise dosing of the FT units is achieved through our unique Accuion™ technology. This technology allows us to achieve an incredibly stable ion concentration for effective biocidal action. For us there is no place for guess work or rule of thumb engineering!Precise ion dosing is the key to effective biocide performance. Hence the ion concentration needs to be kept within a narrow band. Failure to do so will not provide residual disinfection and can completely defeat the purpose of the ionisation equipment. This is the most common reason for customer dissatisfaction with competitor products.

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P.O. Box 901, Atherton Qld 4883
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Charles Cheeseman
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(61) 7 4095 2928
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1300 756 957

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Bion Water Synergetics

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Bion Water Synergetics PL
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Bion Water Synergetics
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63 106 328 732
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Charles Cheeseman
Contact Phone :
(61) 7 4095 2928
Contact Email :
Contact Fax :
1300 756 957

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Green Credentials

Fully Australian owned and operated BioN Water Synergetics Pty Ltd has spent 10 years developing sophisticated non-chemical water treatment, utilizing copper/silver ionisation, electro-colloidal dispersion, electrochemical oxidisation, combinations of both as well as other ancillary and stand alone water treatment technologies.

Whilst further advancements will be made with technologies, the R&D aspect of the company is now run in tandem with full scale manufacturing and marketing of already available and proven concepts.

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