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Marton Baynes
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I am a local business owner that installs PV grid connect solar systems:
-3 kW to 30kW
-30kW and over
-Includes zero export device
-Also battery ready inverter systems
-Hybrid solar systems – batteries with connection to Ergon
-Off grid stand alone solar systems, battery backup with generator

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Accredited installer to CEC standards for tropical weather, humidity and salt.

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Marton Baynes, CEO

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Company Profile

Cairns based business, owner operator, specialising in small to medium sized Photo Voltaic Solar Systems, for Domestic and Commercial applications.

Systems include: "Grid Connected", and can be upgraded to "Battery Ready" "Hybrid", Grid connected, with battery storage, "Stand Alone", relies totally upon battery storage. (Or perhaps with generator backup).

As electricity prices continue to rise, I receive more and more calls from people who NEED to reduce their electricity bill. Some have specific targets/requirements, whilst others simply wish to offset the cost of running an appliance, such as air cons, pumps, etc....

And I'm finding many of my customers are very aware of the need to reduce Green House Emissions, ( Their Carbon Footprint ), as well as saving money on their electricity bills, into the future.

Of course, Businesses operating during daylight hours, can expect a significant saving on their electricity bills, and an exceptional ROI, Return On Investment.
I hope and trust the Federal Govt. looks favourably on continuing with the RET rebates!!!

Technologies and Capabilities

As with any investment, installing the right solar system is paramount for the best ROI.

I prefer a detailed discussion about your electricity use, what you expect from the system, and your future requirements.
This may also include monitoring/measuring your electricity consumption.
Then comes the system design with technical support, and sometimes some specific adaptation of panel numbers and/or orientation, to maximise the harvest to suit individual needs.
And it is also important that the customer understands the harvest of their solar system, so they can manipulate their electricity usage, to get the most from their investment.
SOLAR SYSTEMS: 3kW to 30kW; to suit Homes, Small Business, Farms, Schools, etc...

(Grid Connect): 30kW+; to suit larger Commercial Requirements.

ZERO EXPORT DEVICES: Are now becoming a requirement for acceptance of an IES Application of 5kW and over.

HYBRID SOLAR SYSTEMS: Grid connected with battery storage. More battery storage can be added in the future, Or the Inverter installed can be "Battery Ready".

STAND ALONE: Off Grid Systems, utilising battery storage only, or with a Generator, as backup.

Company Background

In the late 90's I became interested in solar, mainly for individual tasks, such as charging the camping battery, and powering a water pump.
Then, whilst in North America and Europe, I saw what solar could do, and came home with a passion for solar.

I installed a system on the family home, and worked for, and with local Solar Companies, until I decided to become "The Solarman", a tag some friends and clients gave me.

Now I am able to install "World Leading" Products, at a very competitive price, backed by an Australian Company, to ensure peace of mind, should
warranty support be required.

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