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Horan & Bird Energy Management

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Energy Management

The Compass Solar Monitor will manage your solar production and your usage on Tariff 11 and Tariff 33. Each week you will receive an energy usage report via email to show you where you are at with your energy usage and production.

The Compass also allows Horan & Bird to monitor your solar system and alert you and Horan & Bird if it is not working correctly or maybe not working at all. The Compass Monitor gives you piece of mind against break down as well. If you are on holidays and the system has a problem, Horan & Bird will be notified and we can address the problem in most cases before you have even read your email about the same problem.

The Compass Monitor simply plugs into your home internet router, the sensors are installed in you meter box and the monitoring begins. The Compass Monitor has a range up to 30m and is compatible with 3 phase power.

Once monitored, the information can then be used to fine tune your usage and your solar system with further suggestions to further reduce your power bill if needed. You will also develop a better understanding of your electricity consumption and which appliances use more or less and when replacing these appliances you have the knowledge to shop for more energy efficient products.

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129 MacKenzie Street Ayr QLD 4807
Website :
Phone :
1300 467262


223 Hartley Street Portsmith QLD 4870
Website :
Phone :
1300 467262


24 Yeatman Street Hyde Park QLD 4812
Website :
Phone :
1300 467262

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Horan & Bird Electrical

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Horan & Bird Electrical
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Horan & Bird Electrical
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John Horan
Contact Phone :
1300 467 262
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+61 7 4783 7666

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