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Coolit Ceram: Liquid Thermal Roof Insulation

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Luxury Paints has developed a revolutionary coolit ceram paint
coating which works by reflecting the suns UV rays and incoming
heat, therefore keeping the house cooler.

With Australia’s hot and sunny climate, excessive heat input
into our homes can cause uncomfortable conditions, usually
managed by cooling devices.

Coolit ceram works by lowering the roof substrate temperature, decreasing the amount of heat transferred to the roof loft area and subsequently into the building or home. This in turn reduces cooling power demand in an air conditioned building. As roof temperatures peak in the afternoon, when summer electricity use is highest, reducing roof temperatures can also lower peak electricity demands.

The coolit ceram range was developed to offer a range of
attractive designer colours that are low heat absorbing and have
high emissivity characteristics so that the surface remains cooler
than equivalent traditional colours.

The coolit ceram coating system consists of a primer (suited to
the substrate material - metal or concrete/terracotta) and two
coats of the coolit ceram topcoat. For maximum benefit, the
initial coat of primer must be used.

In an age of growing environmental awareness, not only is coolit ceram environmentally friendly, it is low VOC and will help reduce power generation and greenhouse gas emissions. Something as simple as painting your roof with coolit ceram can make a small but important contribution to improve these matters.

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Luxury Paints

97 Scott St. Bungalow QLD 4870
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Shane Scott
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07 4041 6522
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07 4041 6533

Luxury Paints

86 Bayswater Rd. Pimlico QLD 4810
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07 4772 5523

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Luxury Paints

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Luxury Paints
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Luxury Paints
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60 010 465 639
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Shane Morris
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07 4041 6522
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07 4041 6533

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Green Credentials

Environmental Policy

Luxury Paints has a strong commitment to sustainable development and our business operations. This means that we work to ensure that our operations, products and services maintain the environment within our workplaces and the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to environmental improvement, increased workplace health and safety awareness and the prevention of pollution in both our operations and products. We work with customers, suppliers, government bodies and the community to develop innovative products and manufacturing operations that:

*Minimise air borne pollution through operational controls.
*Develop lower VOC coating products.
*Provide long service life-cycles in quality products
*Safeguard against the likelihood of workplace incidents
*Listen to community thoughts for a sustainable future

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