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Door And Window Tinting by Tint-A-Car

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*Home tinting benefits*

~Protects from fading of your interior:

Home tinting provides the same benefits as car tinting, as well as protecting your carpets, blinds and furniture from fading. It’s also handy when you want to open your curtains and blinds to let the light in, but you can keep out prying eyes during the day, providing you with increased safety and security.

~Glare reduction:

Some other great reasons for tinting the windows in your home include glare reduction…think about those times when you’re watching TV or using a laptop or computer and the glare from the sun is hampering your view. Tint still allows light through but can significantly reduce glare.

~Added security:

For those who are looking for additional security, tint is also good for holding glass together in the event of an accident. Which means it’ll greatly reduce glass shards from injuring your family or occupants. It’s also harder for burglars to break through a panel of glass when tint is applied as it holds the glass panel together.

~Insulating window film:

One of the best things about tint is that it has insulating properties. It can act as a shield from heat entering the home in warmer months, and can also act as an insulator in the colder season.

~Lifetime warranty:

Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Business Outlets

Tint-A-Car Cairns

149 Scott St. Cairns QLD 4870
Website :
Contact Name :
Jason Houlihan
Email :
Phone :
07 4242 4111

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Tint-A-Car Cairns

Business Name:
Tint-A-Car Cairns
Trading Name:
Tint-A-Car Cairns
ABN Number:
32 166 539 171
Contact Name:
Jason Houlihan
Contact Phone :
07 4242 4111
Contact Email :

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Green Credentials

Lower your energy bills:

Solar Window Film is a cost effective solution to energy efficiency, specifically those that block up to 79% of solar heat. Reducing your homes energy cost as well as contributing towards lowering your carbon footprint.

You’ll be impressed with the energy savings experienced when you have window tint installed and you get your power bill!

The benefits:

~Blocks up to 79% solar heat
~Cut glare by up to 93% whilst enjoying privacy
~Block up to 99% of damaging UV rays
~Certified to the maximum protection rating of UPF 50+
~Patented scratch resistant coating

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