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Kanimbla 4870
1a Brinsmead Terrace Kanimbla Cairns
Des Jackson
04 4845 3432

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Company Profile

Watt Warriors are committed to providing innovative, sustainable solutions for energy intensive engineered systems.

This is a family business, established since 2007. We provide specialist, best practice certified energy management services. Specifically HVAC, Refrigeration, mechanical services advice and facility project management.

This business is underpinned by Professional Certifications, Memberships and accreditation built on 30 years of technical engineering experience in diverse and climatic extremes.

-Innovative and appropriate technology and engagement in relation to:

*Certified Measurement and Verification of Energy Projects, registered worldwide with the Efficiency Valuation Organization and the Association of Energy Engineers.

*Specialist HVAC, Refrigeration and Building control efficiency.

*Building Plant Efficiency and lifecycle Analysis, Audits and reporting.

*Energy Efficient Maintenance and Electricity Tariff Strategies.

*Facilities Management and Maintenance Planning Consulting.

Green Credentials

Built Environment Sustainability:

*Renewable energy integration advisory services.

*Qualified building thermal performance advice.

We can worry about your energy efficiency for you, usually at a reduced cost and risk when compared to engaging direct with service providers.

It costs nothing to inquire and is almost guaranteed to save you money to be more sustainable and efficient!

We encourage diversity, environmental initiatives and conservation, broadminded engagement of ideas and individuals……in the interests of excellence both personally and in what we offer.

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