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EcoSplash Living Waters swimming pools are completely chemical free and a natural alternative to conventional chemical swimming pools. EcoSplash Living Water swimming pools represent the future of pool sustainability.

The patented and innovative EcoSplashTM System is based on bio-mimicry, aquaculture, conservation of water and elimination of chemicals to sanitise pool water along with optimum solutions for pool pump efficiency.

Fields Of Commerce

Consulting and planning
Research & development
Maintenance & repairs

Target Industries

Housing & pool construction
Hospitality (eco-resorts)

Specialist Areas Of Tropical Expertise

Natural pool & pond water purification and sanitation
Swimming pool sustainability
Water and energy efficiency

Year Established


Management Team

Amanda Spelta, Director
Joe Spelta, Director
Hendrik Schroor, Director

Target Export Markets

South East Asia

Type Of Export Business Sought

Direct export

Certificate And Quality Approvals

Technology or Patent Ownership:
-Tropical pool water sanitation system
-Bio-filter for water purification


   •  Tropical Innovation of the Year 2010
   •  Environmental Encouragement Award Splash! 2010
   •  International APSP Gold Award of Excellence 2011
   •  What’s Your Big Idea Queensland 2011

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Company Profile

Passionately researching existing organic pool concepts led to the development of the EcoSplashTM System (ESS), a natural pool water purification system designed specifically to successfully work in challenging tropical conditions.

ESS is based on bio-mimicry and enables conservation of water, reduc- tion/elimination of chemicals to sanitise pool water, aqua culture and provides optimum solutions for pool pump efficiency. The ESS is a
high tech, yet natural purification system that consistently maintains chemical free pools and provides water sanitation in harsh tropical climates.

The unique capabilities and versatility of the Eco SplashTM System have been awarded with the prestigious ‘Tropical Innovation Award of the Year 2010’. The development of a Fibreglass application for the ESS was recently awarded ‘What’s Your Big Idea Queensland’.

Our long term goal is to investigate applications of the EcoSplashTM
System beyond the pool industry

Technologies and Capabilities

Biomimicry is the core of the Eco SplashTM System: replicating nature with today’s most advanced technologies. Micro-organisms are the key players in natural waters. They steadily eliminate contaminants from water and keep the biological balance.

Eco SplashTM Living Waters Pools replicate this natural system to maintain healthy water balance. A swimming area of up to 90% is combined with shallow planted filter beds: the biological filter zone.

Aided by high technology the ESS relies on natural Bio-Film cultivation, a layered arrangement of natural media of stones, specific flow rates and aquatic plants to produce crystal clean pure water.

Conventional swimming pools are run with a substantial amount of chemical additives. This is not necessary in a natural EcoSplashTM pool. The organic self cleaning process together with regular maintenance provides natural swimming pleasure whilst saving water and energy.

EcoSplash Living Water swimming pools are:

Organic, 100% natural EcoSplashTM Filtration System:
• No chemicals needed for a healthy water balance

Economically & environmentally sustainable:
• 80 % less running costs to a chemical pool
• Power efficient through eco-friendly technology

Company Background

The people behind the EcoSplash System are pool builders since 1978. Their passion for living water focussed on researching a way to bring back nature into people’s back yards instead of contributing to environmental problems by chemically maintaining salt water swimming pools.

Recognising a definite trend towards environmentally friendly and economically sustainable swimming pool systems, extensive market research lead to research and development of a Tropical System. In
1995 a specialist team was formed with pool builder Joe Spelta being the driving visionary, German specialists from one of Europe’s leading natural pool companies and aqua-culture experts supported the technical development of the ESS and its patented tropical adaptation. One of them is now EcoSplash’s main technical advisor. The company
is managed by Amanda Spelta; a marketing specialist plus two sales experts to complete the team.

Against all odds and predictions they have succeeded in developing a completely natural pool water filtration system that creates a naturally sanitised swimming environment full of life and aquatic plants. To
date, the patented EcoSplashTM System is the only natural pool filtration system of its kind that is specifically adapted to work even in the harsh conditions of the Tropics.

Australian Projects

To date, 4 new EcoSplash pools have been built and sold plus 2 renovations/conversions of existing swimming pools. EcoSplash is also operating various Research & Design pools where fine tuning of the ESS and further developments are being tested.

We are currently finalising the development of a portable kit version which will further satisfy the enormous interest from interstate landscapers, architects and builders interested in selling the ESS.

Green Credentials

Living Water - a complete eco system
-Increased Bio-Diversity by creating a natural habitat for frogs, fish, insects, birds
-Aquatic landscape & soothing aesthetics

Up to 90% swimming area, as little as 10% filter zone
-Filter beds may be placed apart from pool and can double as a water feature
-Individually designed to suit your lifestyle

Convert your existing pools (retro-fit option) and minimise your carbon foot print

Soothing aesthetics: wellness for body and mind

Organic, natural Eco SplashTM Filtration System
-No chemicals needed for a healthy water balance

Economically & environmentally sustainable
-80 % less running costs to a chemical pool
-Power efficient through eco-friendly technology
-Water saving through storage and recycling
-Pays for itself within 2-3 years

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