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Edge Hill 4870
PO Box 15043 Edge Hill 4870
Tracy Wilson
+61 (0)419 688 372

Working Visions is a consultancy providing an extensive mix of services to the public and private sector, government, community and non-government organisations. We work with emerging “Wisdom Age” and “Knowledge Creation” tools to help organisations cope with accelerating change and greater complexity.

Fields Of Commerce

Innovation and Strategy

Knowledge creation within communities and business

Target Industries

Non-Govt Organisations
Regional Industries
Governments all levels

Specialist Areas Of Tropical Expertise

Disaster communications
Sustainable Development around Communities particularly post disasters
Community visioning around developments

Year Established


Management Team

Tracey Wilson, Director

Target Export Markets

Pacific Islands
New Zealand

Type Of Export Business Sought

Direct Export

Certificate And Quality Approvals

   •  Master of Sustainable Development (Cen- tral Qld University - CQU)
   •  Professional Diploma in Human Resource
Management (AHRI)
   •  Certificate in Public Participation (IAP2)
   •  Certificate in Emotion, Outrage and Pub- lic Participation (IAP2)
   •  Certificate IV in Workplace Training and

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Company Profile

Working Visions specialises in:
•Sustainable Community Development and Planning
• Regional Economic Development and Capacity Building
• Public Participation Community Engagement and Dialogue, Facilitation
• Indigenous Capacity Building, Business Planning & Employment Strategies
• Organisational Development and Human Resource Management
• Training, Coaching, Team Building
• Business Planning and Business Continuity Planning
• Media, Communications and Communications Planning
• Women in Leadership, Mentoring.

Professional Affiliations:
•Member of the International Association of Public Participation (Australasia and International - IAP2)
• Member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF)
• Certified Professional of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
• Accredited Professional Recruiting Consulting Services Association (RCSA)

Specialist Panel Membership/Committee Membership:
Working Visions has been selected, invited or has chosen to work, with the following organisations and government departments:

•Executive Committee International Association Public Participation Australasia (IAP2) 2010-2014
• Board Director, Member Finance Audit & Risk and Insurance Committees Qld Building Services Authority, Qld Government Statutory Authority 2001-2010
• Business Consultant and Facilitator for ZING Knowledge Creation Platform Tool
• Special Consul to Aegis Australia for Sustainable Development
• Business Consultant for Indigenous Business Australia (IBA – Federal Government Panel)

Technologies and Capabilities

A new generation of “Wisdom age” tools is emerging to help organisations cope with accelerating change and greater complexity. Change is accelerating. The world is becoming more complex. Human technological development is starting to outstrip the ability of our political and corporate decision-making systems to decide what we can and should do.

Organisations today are in a state of constant change as they adapt to new global realities. The ability to change, quickly and effectively, with committed and capable people, is the new strategic advantage.

Zing helps people co-create and wisely apply new knowledge. It is a tool that makes it easy for everyone to reliably use complex thinking, relating and facilitating methods for almost any difficult is- sue.

How is Zing Used? Organisations use Zing to provide the environ- ment, structure and processes necessary to help groups create new knowledge and apply that new knowledge faster. Those involved in community (however defined) use it to engage, consult, inform and converse with that community. Zing creates the opportunity to rapidly gather large volumes of ideas, information and knowledge on topics affecting the organisation or community. It can be used with groups
of any size and is not limited to inside locations.

Who Uses Zing? Government departments and agencies Local Authorities, Non-Government Organisations, Development organisa- tions, Industry, Business, Educational institutions including primary schools, secondary schools, universities

What do they use it for? Community capacity building; Community consultations and engagement; Long-term, Sustainable Planning; Preferred Futures; Organisational development; Change management; Strategic planning; Team building; Learning in teams; Planning for educational institution futures

Company Background

Tracey Wilson, Director of Working Visions, has over twenty-five years experience working with communities and organisations throughout Australia. Her varied background provides clients with a special mix of skills. Working Visions’ commenced in Gladstone in 2001 and transferred offices to Mission Beach in 2005.

Clients have included Mission Australia (National, Queensland and North Qld), Rio Tinto, Comalco, local authorities, Qld government entities, a wide range of community groups and private enterprise ranging from SME’s to corporate.

Australian Projects

Selected projects 2006-2011:

•Sail Into Work Indigenous Employment Project, federal government funded project
• Cyclone Yasi rebuilding, managing strategy and communications for Building Services Authority (BSA) around rebuilding of cyclone affected region to standard
• Cyclone Larry rebuilding, as above and for BSA and General Cosgrove’s task-force at Building Coordination Centre.
• Mission Australia (National, Qld and Northern/ Central Region), business development and organisational planning, leadership development
• Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Create Leaders Symposium using Zing technology
• Pacific National, Zing projects around knowledge creation and planning
• Townsville City Council, Youth Action Plan, Zing projects around knowledge creation and planning (This project received Working Visions’ Sustainable Communities Award for 2010)
• Cassowary Coast Business Women’s Network, strategic planning and leadership development.

Green Credentials

Business Consultant for the Indigenous Business Australia
Special Consul to Aegis Australia for Sustainable Development
Board Director, Member Finance Audit & Risk and Insurance Committees 2001-2010
Member of the International Association of Public Participation
Working Visions works with industry, business, community and organisations on strategic and community visioning projects.

By combining methodology around complex adaptive systems and sustainability themes Working Visions has delivered sustainable and strategic visioning plans with clients across a broad range of organisations.

We have worked in communities, regional cities and towns, with individual and special interest groups, organisations and all levels of government on visioning projects which have included community and strategic business planning activities.

Website visitors are encouraged to read renowned futurist Dr Peter Ellyard’s book Designing 2050 to identify what can be done to ensure the longevity of the planet as a place where everyone can thrive in 2050.

Tracey has been mentored by Dr Ellyard in visioning for communities futures and uses his methodology and Zing knowledge creation technology in community visioning projects.

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