Come and see a Sustainable House this Sunday 11th September.

Sustainable House Day 2016  

Come and see a Sustainable House in action this Sunday. 

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Open times are 10am to 4pm.

North Queensland properties are listed below:

Cairns: Dalam Pokok Home at Redlynch Valley.
  • Housing Type: Standalone House
  • House Size: 136m2
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Builder: John Netz
  • Project Type: New Build
  • Architect/Designer: John Netz
  • Opening Hours: 10am to 4pm

This home was designed and built by the owner for ease of construction, maximum comfort, aesthetics, minimal energy usage and maintenance, low toxicity, least impact on the building site, acoustics, aspect and end of life considerations.The goal was to demonstrate that homes could be built from conventional materials that can be comfortable in coastal tropical zones.

Materials used are corrugated sheet steel for the roof, ceilings, and internal and external walls. This results in low thermal mass, more vermin resistance, ease of access to internal wall cavities and is not damaged by flooding and moisture. The house was built without disrupting near by white ant mounds. Materials selected for construction are inherently white ant resistant without chemical treatment. All framing is of steel.

The house has both DC and AC power points throughout and functions off grid. There is a grid tie solar system connected to feed energy into grid network further reducing CO2 emissions. There is a wastewater treatment system used to treat grey and black water. This system uses worms to break down solids and water discharge is automatically discharged into the garden and farthest points from the creeks.

Daintree: Australian Tropical Research Station 

  • Address: Cape Tribulation 
  • Housing Type: Shared Community
  • House Size: 5 cabins, ablutions/laundry, 2 labs, workshop and common area
  • Number of bedrooms: 10
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Builder: self
  • Project Type: Continual Improvement
  • Architect/Designer: self
  • Opening Hours: 10 am to 4 pm

8.5 Ha re-forested property at Cape Tribulation (grassland in 1988!) – now a small, independent biological and conservation research station.  4.7 KW solar array, 2 dehumidified laboratories, workshop, 5 cabins (all made with reclaimed timber), communal area (kitchen, library, office and dining area – in  reclaimed Main Road’s ‘dongas’), beginning permaculture garden, Solar water supply, composting toilets, large 2 bin waste composter for garden, Evacuated tube solar HWS. We run 3 high efficiency refrigerators/freezers as well as two (Station designed an built), high efficiency dehumidifiers. Involved in battery technology research as well.  Not what you’d expect in the ‘bush’.

For more information go to

The station is opposite PK’s Back-Packers  (Bat House) – just drive up the gravel trail behind the Bat House.

Townsville: Rowes Bay Sustainability Centre 
  • Address: Rowes Bay 4810
  • Housing Type: Standalone House
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Project Type: Retrofit
  • Opening Hours: 9am - 1pm

With coral reefs at the front door and wetlands at the back, you can discover how small things can make not only a big difference to your house and garden, but also how your house and garden can make a big difference to our surrounding environments.

• Our homes can behave like coral reefs
• Some turf can save you 13 Sundays per year
• A car can run on sunlight
• You can have a safari park in your own backyard
• 240 ways to save energy in the home
• Be the sheriff by planting a tree
• Residents of the wetlands can tell a story about their home
• The sun can shine on your home at night!

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