What does BMT stand for in steel?

The thickness of BlueScope Steel products is specified as Base Metal Thickness ( BMT ) not TCT. BMT is the relevant measurement for structural strength.

What is BMT stand for?

BMT Bone Marrow Transplant Medical » Oncology — and more
BMT Basic Military Training Governmental » Military
BMT Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Regional » Railroads
BMT Blackrock Insured Municipal Term Trust, Inc. Business » NYSE Symbols
BMT Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest Miscellaneous » Food & Nutrition


What does its stand for in construction?

ITS Construction Abbreviation

1 ITS Information Technology Services Technology, Business, Politics
1 ITS Institute Of Trading Standards + 1 variant Engineering, Architectural
ITS Institute of Trading Standards Technology, Architectural, Architecture

What does BTM stand for in construction?

BTM – Bathroom (drawing)

What is TCT in steel?

The Base Metal Thickness (BMT) measures the steel substrate prior to any metallic coating or paint being added to the substrate. The Total Coated Thickness ( TCT ) measures the steel substrate as well as the metallic coating, resin coating and/ or paint film.

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What does BMT mean subway?

Subway’s best-selling sandwich, the B.M.T. (short for “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest”), contains pepperoni, salami, and ham. The name originally stood for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit. Subway also sells breakfast sandwiches, English muffins, and flatbread.

What is a BMT patient?

A procedure in which a patient receives healthy stem cells (blood-forming cells) to replace their own stem cells that have been destroyed by treatment with radiation or high doses of chemotherapy. The healthy stem cells may come from the bone marrow of the patient or from a related or unrelated donor.

What does BMT mean in Snapchat?

BMT means “Big Man Ting.” This is the most common definition for BMT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

What goes on a BMT sandwich?

The Italian B.M.T. ® sandwich is filled with Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, and Black Forest Ham.

What is its in technology?

Short for Federal Intelligent Transportation Systems, it is a broad range of wireless and wired communications-based information and electronics technologies that are integrated into transportation system and in vehicles themselves. ITS is made up of 16 types of technology based systems.

What is its in a contract?

NAME OF COMPANY SIGNING THE CONTRACT Sometimes we use the word “ Its ” instead of “title.” It is intended to designate what position the signer holds at the company, in order to give evidence that this person is authorized to sign on behalf of the company.

What is full form ITA?


Acronym Definition
ITA Italian (language)
ITA International Trade Administration
ITA Italy (ISO Country code)
ITA Intercollegiate Tennis Association
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What is the full form of BTM?

BTM Layout (an abbreviation of Byrasandra, Tavarekere and Madivala Layout; Kannada: ಬಿ ಟೀ ಎಂ ಬಡಾವಣೆ) is a neighbourhood in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

What does BTM mean in medical terms?

BTM Medical Abbreviation

9 BTM Benign Tertian Malaria Pathology, Technology, Health
5 BTM Blood Temperature Monitor Technology, Health, Healthcare
3 BTM Bone turnover markers + 1 variant Study, Fracture, Bone
1 BTM Bone Turnover Markers Metabolism, Biochemistry, Biology
2 BTM Betamethasone Pharmacology, Pharmacy


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