What is DAR stand for?

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution About DAR.

What does Dar stand for in engineering?

DAR – Dressed All Round (timber finish)

What does Dar mean in business?

DAR Business Abbreviation

2 DAR Daily Activity Report Security, Technology, Telecom
1 DAR Dar Sader Publishing + 1 variant Company, Firm, Organizations
1 DAR Dar Sader Publishing Company, Firm, Organizations
1 Dar Data Analysis and Reporting Health, Technology, Research
1 DAR Data At Rest Technology, Computer Security, Computing


What does D mean in architecture?

Architectural Abbreviations

RBR Rubber
T/ D Telephone/Data
TYP Typical
UNO Unless Noted Otherwise
U/S Underside


What does it cost to join the DAR?

How much does it cost? The cost for the DAR application includes the $75 application fee plus the first year’s National Dues.

Is the DAR conservative?

Daughters of the American Revolution in the US, a patriotic society whose aims include encouraging education and the study of US history and which tends to be politically conservative. Membership is limited to female descendants of those who aided the cause of independence. It was first organized in 1890.

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What does the DAR do?

The Daughters of the American Revolution ( DAR ) is a lineage-based membership service organization for women who are directly descended from a person involved in the United States’ efforts towards independence. A non-profit group, they promote education and patriotism.

What does Dar mean in police terms?

DAR is Driving After Revocation, DAS is Driving After Suspension, and DAC is Driving After Cancellation. Other forms of DAC, like driving after being cancelled for failure to provide proof of Insurance, are still a Misdemeanor.

What is full form of DySP Dar?

Deputy Superintendent of Police ( DySP ) heads the police force of a taluk consists of a city or town that serves as its headquarters, possibly additional towns, and a number of villages in India.

What does Dar mean in sales?

DAR — Drawer’s Attention Required.

What does Dar mean in finance?

Debt to Assets Ratio – Learn How to Calculate and Use the DAR.

What is Dar in accounting?

DAR Accounting Abbreviation. 1. DAR. Data Acquisition Request. Geography, Mining, Information.

What does FC mean in architecture?

Fault Current. Construction, Architectural, Technology. Construction, Architectural, Technology. 2. FC.

What does W D mean in floor plan?

W and D = Washer and Dryer Units.

What does HP mean in floor plan?

Hp is the height of the window sill, i.e. the distance from the finished floor to the edge of the wall opening under the window sill.

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