What is FFL in architectural drawing?

The client is concerned with clear storey heights i.e. the dimension between the finished floor level and the finished ceiling levels. Architects will invariably give the finished floor level ( FFL ) on their drawings.

What is FFL civil?


What is FFL and RL?

FFL = Finished Floor Levl. RL = Ridge Level. These are taken from a local TBM (Temporary Bench Mark) usually note as 100.00 on a site plan and are a “fixed point”. From your levels your ridge height will be 10.72m high, above finished floor level ( FFL )

How is an FFL calculated?

Locate the structural floor height specified in the flooring project plans. Add the combined height of the architectural floor material, substrates and adhesives to the structural floor height. This is the finished floor level.

What is the difference between SFL and FFL?

Correct me if Iam wrong, FFL refers to the level at the top surface of floor finish. This is where all the building element finish levels are referenced from. SFL refers to the level at the top surface of the floor screeding or concrete topping. While SSL refers to the level at the top surface of the structural slab.

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What is finished floor height?

Finished floor height is the measurement from the natural grade of the property to the top surface of the floor inside the home.

What is RL in construction?

Reduced level ( RL ): this is the height or elevation above the point adopted as the site datum for the purpose of establishing levels. To establish the required depths for a drainage system you need to work from the datum point. The datum is taken as a reduced level of 10,000.

What is finished ground level?

Finished ground level means the height of a point at the perimeter of the base of a building or structure and which is vertically within 1.0 metres of the ground level of the land prior to the siting, placement or construction of that building or structure but excludes a localized depression such as a stairway access

What does BM mean in construction?

BM Construction Abbreviation

5 BM Bending Moment Architecture, Civil Engineering, Engineering
2 BM Building Materials Trading, Business, Building
1 BM Bending Mment Construction Drawing
1 BM Board Measure Technology, Board, Measure
1 BM Build method Building, Technology, Design

What is the highest RL that the FFL can be?

Frequently on contract drawings (plans, sections and elevations), finished floor level may be abbreviated ‘ FFL 27,000’, the figure suffixed denoting the level in metres above a defined datum level (usually outside ground level or ground floor level). The floor above may be FFL 31,000 and the floor below FFL 23,000.

How do you calculate RL?

– method to calculate RL; height of collimation (H of C) = reduced level( R.L. ) + backsight (B.S.) reduced level ( R.L. ) = height of collimation (H of C) – foresight (F.S.) reduced level ( R.L. )

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What is RL in surveying?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Relative level in surveying refers to equating elevations of survey points with reference to a common assumed datum. It is a vertical distance between survey point and adopted datum plane.

Can DPC be above floor level?

Unlike timber suspended floors where the damp proof course will be sited below floor level with solid constructed floors the DPC should always be sited above finished floor level and should be visible.

What is SSL and FFL in construction?


How do you find the elevation of a finished floor?

From a construction point of view, F.F. is the sum of the height of all elements that exist below the top surface of the finished flooring material. Starting the top, a typical stack would be; flooring, sub- floor, floor joist or foundation, with “grade” level as a lower boundary.

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