What is FL in construction?

F.F.L.: Finished Floor Level. FL: Floor Level.

What does Fl mean on civil drawings?

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols

Abbreviation or symbol Definition
FL Floor Level
FN or F/N flag note, flagnote; find number
FoS feature of size
FS far side


What does fl stand for in steel?

Structural Abbreviations

EA Each
FT Foot or Feet
FIN Finish
FL Floor
FTG Footing


What does F stand for on house plans?

F. F.A. – Fire alarm. F.C.O. – Floor clean out. F.D. – Floor drain.

What is FF and FL in concrete?

When it comes to concrete slab construction, F-Numbers are the metric for quality. They consist of the concrete floor flatness ( FF ) and floor levelness ( FL ). Higher F-numbers equal flatter floors. Floor Levelness ( FL ): The FL number indicates if you have any tilts or pitches in the slab.

What is FF and FL?

They are calculated using the standards set forth in ASTM E1155, which is the Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers.

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What does DP stand for?

The most popular phrase that this acronym stands for is “display picture.” It is another way to refer to someone’s profile picture on social media sites. Origin of DP.

What does B mean on floor plan?

B – Boiler / Bathroom / Bidet. B / – Bottom (of)

What does FF mean in construction?

F.F.: FF stands for Finish Floor.

What is TP in piping?

TP stands for Tubular Product (steel pipe standard)

What does UNO mean?

UNO means “You know”.

What is the full form of FTB?


Acronym Definition
FTB Franchise Tax Board (California; they collect income and sales tax)
FTB Feed the Beast
FTB Family Tax Benefit (Australian welfare assistance)
FTB Free Thought Blogs (personal blog)


What does W D mean in floor plan?

W and D = Washer and Dryer Units.

What does HP mean on floor plan?

Hp is the height of the window sill, i.e. the distance from the finished floor to the edge of the wall opening under the window sill.

What is a bubble diagram?

Bubble diagrams are systems of lines and circles used in architecture to show relationships between functional areas of a program to develop an architectural plan. Bubble diagrams do appear in handbooks for practicing architects and articles on design education.

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