What is the difference between RME and RMO?

The difference is the individual’s title. RMO stands for Responsible Managing Officer, so the person would need to be an Officer of the corporation. If the person is not an Officer, they would be an RME, which stands for Responsible Managing Employee.

How many classifications can an RME apply for?

In most cases, a responsible managing employee ( RME ) can only act as a qualifying individual for one active license at a time.

How do you become a responsible managing employee?

For purposes of Code §7068, a “bona fide employee ” (or Responsible Managing Employee, or “RME”) of the applicant means an employee who is permanently employed by the applicant and is actively engaged in the operation of the applicant’s contracting business for at least 32 hours or 80 percent of the total hours per week

What is an RME in construction Hawaii?

“Responsible managing employee” or ” RME ” means the individual who is a bona fide employee of the contracting entity that maintains a current contractor’s license, and who qualifies the contracting entity for a contractor’s license in the licensed classifications held by the individual.

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What does an RME do?

A Responsible Managing Employee ( RME ) or Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) is an individual who proved their experience to the Board for the sake of the company they are qualifying.

How much does an RMO earn?

RMO Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $180,000 $15,000
75th Percentile $150,000 $12,500
Average $91,875 $7,656
25th Percentile $60,000 $5,000

Can a contractor work under someone else’s license California?

Nope, any way you try to work it, it’s still illegal for you to contract for construction or home improvement work over $500 in labor and materials without having your own state contractor license. It’s no different than if you tried to use someone else’s driver license.

Can a contractor work in another state?

You cannot use your contractor license from another state or country to perform services in California.

How does an RMO work?

As an RMO, you can be a qualifying officer with up to three companies at a time. General duties of an RMO include job site visits and occasional inspections to make sure everything is running smoothly. RMOs can also act as mentors to newly licensed contractors that are just starting out.

What is a qualifier for a company?

Renting a qualifier means that a non-licensed contracting business pays an individual who holds a California contractor’s license to act as the Responsible Managing Officer (“RMO”) or Responsible Managing Employee (“RME”) of a construction company, when that person has no actual involvement in the day-to-day operations

What is RMO agency?

Since 2006, RMO Agency helped hundreds of individuals just like you in California become licensed contractors with NO test, and created new networking and business opportunities for seasoned contractors.

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How do I become a builder in Georgia?

To Obtain a Residential Builder License:

  1. Apply to the state for a license.
  2. Applicants must pass a two-part examination covering the license they are attempting to obtain, business and law.
  3. Register for a licensing exam prep course below offered monthly.
  4. Purchase the books for the open book exam.

Does Hawaii have reciprocity for contractors?

Note: The State of Hawaii does not have a reciprocity agreement with any other state. All applicants must meet the same licensing and examination requirements.

What are the different types of contractors licenses in Hawaii?

Classification “C”

  • C-1: Acoustical and insulation contractor.
  • C-2: Mechanical insulation contractor.
  • C-3: Asphalt paving and surfacing contractor: C-3a: Asphalt concrete patching, sealing, and striping contractor and C-3b: Play court surfacing contractor.
  • C-4: Boiler, hot-water heating, and steam fitting contractor.

Who needs a contractors license in Hawaii?

A Hawaii general contractor’s license is required for any project that costs $2500 or more. Anyone who offers to, claims to be able to, or contracts to perform residential, commercial, or public works of construction, alteration, or improvements must hold a contractor license.

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