How do I sell my construction equipment?

9 Tips for Selling Heavy Equipment Online

  1. List your equipment on Machinery Trader.
  2. List your equipment on Craigslist.
  3. Post your machines in Heavy Equipment Groups on Facebook.
  4. Grow a targeted email list.
  5. Reach out to dealers in your region.
  6. Ramp up your SEO.
  7. Connect with potential buyers on LinkedIn.
  8. Run Facebook ads.

How can I sell more equipment?

So, if you’re looking to sell more construction equipment, consider the following six tips.

  1. #1) Identify Decision Makers.
  2. #2) Show How the Equipment Works.
  3. #3) Provide Accurate Quotes.
  4. #4) Consider Auctions.
  5. #5) Browse the Competition.
  6. #6) Show Your Personal Side.

Where can I sell large equipment?

7 Websites That Have the Best Heavy Construction Equipment Sales

  • Construction Equipment Guide.
  • Ebay.
  • Equipment Trader.
  • IronPlanet.
  • Machinery Trader.
  • Mascus.
  • Ritchie Bros Auctioneers.

How much do heavy equipment brokers make?

The salaries of Heavy Equipment Sales Representatives in the US range from $102,777 to $146,478, with a median salary of $114,695. The middle 50% of Heavy Equipment Sales Representatives makes between $114,695 and $123,327, with the top 83% making $146,478.

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How much does it cost to sell on machinery trader?

Instead of being listed on their website, the company requires you to speak with a sales rep first. Fortunately, with a little digging, you can find their estimated prices of its packages, with typical monthly fees ranging from $799 to over $3,000.

How do I sell my old machinery?

5 Tips to Sell Your Used Machinery

  1. Sell Your Used Machinery Online. This may be obvious, but some of the benefits of selling via an online marketplace are still not well known.
  2. Show as Much of Your Machine as Possible.
  3. Be Sure That Your Machinery Is in Good Condition.
  4. Be Transparent.
  5. Sell Your Machine throughout the Year.

How do I sell my business equipment?

  1. Contact an accountant and a lawyer before liquidating your business.
  2. Prepare an inventory of your assets.
  3. Evaluate and identify which items you can liquidate.
  4. Place a value on each item.
  5. Return everything you can to suppliers.
  6. Sell as many of your assets as possible.

How can I sell my online machine?

So how can you sell your used machinery through Exapro?

  1. Register for free (no hidden fees)
  2. Add your machines from your account.
  3. Receive buyer inquiries (previously filtered and qualified by your Exapro agent)
  4. Get in touch with the buyer and close the deal directly.

What is an equipment broker?

An equipment lease broker works with companies with limited budgets looking for equipment, manufacturers looking for customers and lenders looking to make loans. The broker brings the three together, making a commission from the manufacturer, lender or both.

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How do I sell my excavator?

Selling Excavators: 5 Ways to Sell More & Sell Better

  1. Selling excavators and attachments isn’t always easy! New equipment is a major investment and it can be hard to convince customers to part with thousands of dollars.
  2. Get the best machines and attachments.
  3. Your buyer (probably) knows their stuff.
  4. Put away the pitch.
  5. Offer a solution.
  6. Back it up with great customer service.

How do I buy used heavy equipment?

Here are five steps to follow as you shop for used heavy equipment.

  1. Find a Reputable Dealer.
  2. Determine Fleet and Project Requirements.
  3. Analyze Worksite Conditions.
  4. Know the Cost of Used Equipment.
  5. Understand What Type of Technology You Need.
  6. Age of Equipment.
  7. History of the Machine.
  8. Proper Documentation.

Where can I sell my industrial machinery?

Online Marketplace for trading Used Industrial Equipments Vendaxo is an online platform where you can Sell /Buy used machinery in a hassle free manner across the Globe.

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