How do you build a shower base?


  1. Block Between the Studs. Cut two-by-six lumber to fit between the studs of the shower stall.
  2. Cover the Drain.
  3. Add the Tar Paper.
  4. Mix the Mortar.
  5. Spread the Mortar to the Borders.
  6. Taper Down the Mortar.
  7. Add Silicone to the Drain.
  8. Add the Shower Waterproofing Material.

What do you put under shower base?

Put some cardboard in the shower base and walk around on it to see how stable the shower base is. Most installers recommend putting a bed of mortar down for the shower base to sit on. Check the manufacturer’s installation instructions and see what they recommend in case the use of mortar is discouraged.

What is the best base for a shower?

4 of the Best Shower Base Flooring Options

  1. Tile Shower Bases. You may decide that you want to tile the floor of your shower to match the walls or bathroom floor tile.
  2. Molded Stone Shower Bases. Molded stone shower pans can offer you another high-end and elegant solution.
  3. Acrylic Shower Pans.
  4. Fiberglass Shower Pans.
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What is the smallest shower base?

In general, a shower should measures at least 36 inches square. However, if your bath space is especially petite, 30 inches square is the absolute minimum space requirement for a shower. To determine the minimum shower size you’ll need, step inside a few showers at a plumbing showroom or home improvement store.

Can concrete be used for shower floor?

Concrete may be an appealing choice for your shower floor, especially if your shower is an odd shape or size, since concrete is easily molded. Concrete can be colored with a variety of different chemicals, and acid stains are one of the more common choices.

What kind of concrete do you use for a shower floor?

QUIKRETE® Floor Mud (No. 1548-81) is a Portland cement based underlayment mortar designed for leveling travertine, slate and marble floor tile, and for shower pan applications.

Do you need a shower pan liner on concrete floor?

It will need to be lined or it will wick into the slab and studding. The liner also makes the walls around the pan water-tight, that’s why the liner normally goes up at least 3″ above the pan behind the tile and backer material. Moisture gets behind the wall tile and is eventually caught by the liner.

Do plumbers install shower pans?

Plumbers generally install the shower liner, new drain trap and strainer. In the old days, when lead and copper were used, you wouldn’t expect the tile person to install the pan Shower liners here are part of the rough plumbing inspection, I would not want the tile person to be responsible for my work.

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How do I stop my shower base from squeaking?

Shimming the Shower Base Shims are small pieces of wedge-shaped wood that are placed between two materials to take up space. Shims can be placed between your shower base and the subfloor to prevent rocking of the base with shifting weight. A package of shims can be purchased at most any home improvement store.

Why do you put mortar under a shower base?

Designed to drain water from the shower, it protects your floor from water intrusion, rot and mold. Installing one requires some skill and there are certain rules and procedures to follow when doing so. In some cases a mortar bed is a necessity; other times it isn’t.

What is the difference between a shower base and a shower pan?

While a shower pan and a shower base both channel water into the drain, there’s one key difference: “ Shower pan ” is the actual shower floor that you step on, whereas “ shower base ” refers to the structure underneath the shower itself.

Is a shower base better than tiles?

If you’re renovating on a budget and have a standard size shower, a shower base will be your best bet. There are many different kinds of bases suited to a variety of needs and specifications. However, tiles are best If you have more money to spend or have a space that requires a custom footprint.

How long should a shower base last?

Under normal conditions, it is safe to say an acrylic shower pan will lasts several years at the minimum and possibly up to 10 years or more.

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