Where is the construction research station?

Summary. Construction Research Station is a base-building research terminal at the Space Anomaly unlocking base-building parts in exchange for Salvaged Data. It is organised as a number of screens containing related base-building parts.

How do you get to the Exocraft terminal?

Acquiring Exocraft All Exocraft Geobay blueprints may be obtained at the Construction Research Station. Alternatively, after constructing an Exocraft Terminal, acquire the Roamer, Nomad, and Colossus by hiring a Vy’keen Technician for your planetary (or freighter) base and completing a new series of missions.

What do terminals do in No Man’s Sky?

Summary. Terminals in No Man’s Sky are electronic work stations that allow specific game functions to be completed.

How do you do a construction research unit?

Open your Build Menu and go to the Portable section of the Technology branch to build your Construction Research Unit. You can now use the Construction Research Unit to receive blueprints for various new technologies, such as a Save Beacon, and new Structures you can use to build better Bases, like windows.

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How do I pick up a construction research unit?

Summary. Construction Research Unit is a portable base building product for discovering new blueprints in exchange for Salvaged Data. It can be found in the Build Menu under Tech/Portable.

Can you build Exocraft terminal on freighter?

The exocraft terminal can ‘t be built on a freighter in the first place, possibly because his daily repeatable mission requires a planetary structure, is timed, and encourages use of an exocraft, and would thus be very impractical to start from a freighter.

How much does a freighter cost in no man’s sky?

The smallest capital freighters typically cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 170 million units. Getting one for free is a sweet deal.

How do I summon exo anywhere?

Summary. Exocraft Summoning Station is a base building product that is used to summon Exocraft. Once the station is built, the player can summon an exocraft on any planet in that system as long as the player has built the geobay for that exocraft somewhere else in the galaxy.

How do I get NMS Quicksilver?

How To Get Quicksilver In No Man’s Sky. The easiest method of getting Quicksilver is by completing Nexus missions. The Nexus can be found inside the Anomaly which can be summoned by the player after warping a couple of times.

Where do you put the base computer in no man’s sky?

No Man’s Sky Base Computer

  1. Land on any planet, exit your ship.
  2. Press up on the d-pad.
  3. Select portable technology.
  4. Scroll along to Base Computer.
  5. You’ll need 40 Chromatic Metal to do so (for tips on how to get Chromatic metal, head over to our No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal Guide)
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How do you make magnetized ferrites?

Magnetized Ferrite – you can get it by placing the pure ferrite in a portable refinery machine. However, in order to obtain pure ferrite you must first place ferrite dust in the refinery machine. Once you have done all of this you will get Magnetised Ferrite.

Can you build a base computer on a freighter?

Base computers are for planet surfaces only. It will allow you to claim land and activate the building mode. Your freighter has a base across from the ship captain. Walk into the area and you will be able to build.

How do you build a base Teleport module?

The base teleport module requires 4 metal plating, 2 carbon nanotubes, and 40 sodium, all of which are pretty easy to find/craft. Players can also buy all of these materials for nanites from a space station if they do not want to spend time scavenging them.

How do I move my computer base?

You’ll have to unremovable base computers. Use the terrain modifier to make a small mound, place the computer on top of that and claim the base. Then use flooring underneath it to start a room around it. You currently cannot remove or deconstruct it.

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