What is a construction Packer?

Precast Panel Packing Shims Plastic Packing Shims are also known as Construction Packers, Building Packers, or Panel Packers. Novaplas structural plastic packers are used to level precast or tilt up panels prior to grouting. They are also used to level doors, large windows and glazing, machinery and portable buildings.

What is a packer equipment?

Automated packaging equipment The case packing equipment, traditional case packers and robotic case packing machines, can handle all your case packing needs, automatically grip and pack the products into cases or boxes, then the box is automatically closed and sealed.

What is a frame Packer?

These packers are designed for use during the installation of the window frame into the window reveal. Their function is to prevent the deflection of the frame during the installation, increase security around the fixing point and support the frame so it can be installed plumb (vertical).

What is a timber packer?

Timber Packers are secured underneath H posts to provide stability for a glazed module, ensuring that the glazed aperture has maximum support. Timber packers should be used at the base to facilitate skirting fixing.

How many types of packing machines are there?

Packaging machines may be of the following general types: Accumulating and collating machines. Blister packs, skin packs and vacuum packaging machines. Bottle caps equipment, over-capping, lidding, closing, seaming and sealing machines.

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How does a packaging machine work?

Packaging equipment unwinds materials from its roll, forms it into the shape of a container, fills it with product, and seals the container. Printed material should, of course, reflect the container’s length (the “cutoff”) and its width (the “web”).

What is a bagger machine?

Bagging machines are designed for dosing and packaging, in particular pharmaceutical and cosmetic products into small bags (French: sachet). Stick pack machines form, fill and seal stick packs, which are special narrow tubular bags normally used to package single-portion products.

What are bridging Packers?

Bridge Packers are profile related and designed to give the installer a flat surface to pack away from, thus speeding up glazing time! All have a positive ‘clip fit’ and will stay in position during transport.

What is the reveal on a window?

The reveal is a timber surround fitted to the fin of the window or door and used for installing the product into timber framing. The reveal becomes the internal frame of your window otherwise known as the ‘ window sill’ or door covering the stud.

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