What is a spandrel on a house?

A spandrel, less often spandril or splaundrel, is the space between two arches or between an arch and a rectangular enclosure. This is a common location to find storage space in residential structures.

What is a spandrel panel?

A spandrel panel is a factory produced prefabricated panel, manufactured off site thus saving on site construction time. Traditional brick and block gable ends and party walls are open to the elements during construction and curing and cannot be erected during certain weather conditions.

What is the purpose of a spandrel?

In architectural design, the space between the top of a window on one floor and the window sill directly above it may also be called a spandrel. It not only serves an aesthetic function, but also provides protection by way of isolation in the event of a fire.

What is a spandrel panel curtain wall?

Spandrel Panels are the area of a curtain wall or screen located between vision areas of windows, which conceal structural columns, floor slabs and shear walls. A large spectrum of ceramic products are available from Euroview in monolithic or IGU form.

What is spandrel mean?

In buildings of more than one story the spandrel is the area between the sill of a window and the head of the window below it. In steel or reinforced concrete structures there will sometimes be a spandrel beam extending horizontally from one column to another and supporting a section of wall.

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What is spandrel framing?

[′span·drəl ‚frām] (building construction) A triangular framing, as below a stair.

Is spandrel glass tempered?

Spandrel glass must be HEAT TREATED to withstand high thermal stress. If the Spandrel is intended for an opening where safety glass is required by law or code or where human impact is a concern, the glass substrate should be TEMPERED.

What is an example of a spandrel?

The human chin has been proposed as an example of a spandrel, since modern humans (Homo sapiens) are the only species with a chin, an anatomical feature with no known function.

How is spandrel defined in Etabs?

In ETABS interface, go to Define >Pier Labels and assign pier name (P1) and click the “add new name” button. On the other hand, to assign spandrel labels, go to Define > Spandrel Labels assign spandrel name (S1) and click add “new spandrel name” button.

What is spandrels in psychology?

A spandrel is a phenotypic characteristic that evolved as a side effect of a true adaptation. The important implication of this idea for Evolutionary Psychology being, that therefore not every trait can be accounted for in terms of adaptive advantage.

What is meant by curtain wall?

a non-load-bearing external wall attached to a framed structure, often one that is prefabricated. 2. a low wall outside the outer wall of a castle, serving as a first line of defence.

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