What is the National Construction Code of Australia?

The National Construction Code (NCC) sets out the minimum requirements for design and construction of new building work (including in existing buildings), plumbing and drainage across all Australian States and Territories.

What is the difference between the BCA and the NCC?

It allows for variations in climate and geological or geographic conditions. The NCC is published in three volumes. The Building Code of Australia ( BCA ) is Volume One and Volume Two of the NCC and the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) is Volume Three of the NCC.

How does the NCC work?

The NCC is a performance-based code containing all Performance Requirements for the construction of buildings. It is built around a hierarchy of guidance and code compliance levels, with the Performance Requirements being the minimum level that buildings, building elements, and plumbing and drainage systems must meet.

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What does the BCA set out to achieve?

The objective of the BCA is to achieve an acceptable degree of structural adequacy in buildings and to provide safe, healthy conditions and basic amenities for building occupants through efficient and cost-effective building requirements.

What is the national code of construction?

The NCC is a performance-based code that sets the minimum requirements in relation structure, fire safety, access and egress, accessibility, health and amenity, and sustainability. All new buildings, new building work, and new plumbing and drainage systems must comply with the NCC.

What are the Australian standards for construction?

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is contained within the National Construction Code (NCC) and provides the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design and construction of new buildings (and new building work in existing buildings) throughout Australia.

Is the BCA free?

NCC/ BCA On-line Access All future editions of the NCC / BCA commencing with the NCC 2015 will be made available for free On-line. This is expected to see an increase use and awareness of the BCA, given that access to the code is now free and not hundreds of dollars per year (as previous editions have been).

Is BCA a legislation?

Since 1994 the BCA has been referenced as the primary construction code in all state and territory building legislation; at that time plumbing regulators had not yet agreed (through an IGA) to the adoption of a national code. The first stage was to consolidate the codes for building and plumbing.

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What is a performance requirement?

Performance requirements typically comprise a set of criteria which stipulate how things should perform or the standards that they must achieve in a specific set of circumstances. This is as opposed to prescriptive specifications which set out in precise detail how something should be done.

Is there any fees for NCC?

There is no fee for NCC if you get admission in Government NCC Cadets. However, you need to pay for an NCC uniform, belt, shoes, NCC cap, and many more.

What determines low rise construction?

Low rise is described as falling within the BCA classes: Class 1 and 10. Classes 2 to 9 with a gross floor area not exceeding 2000 square metres, not including Type A or Type B construction.

What is a verification method NCC?

Verification Methods are tests or calculations prescribing another way to comply with the NCC Performance Requirements. They may take a number of forms including a test, inspection, calculation, or a combination of these. A Verification Method provides a methodology under which a Performance Solution can be assessed.

What are the primary goals of BCA fire safety requirements?

The goal of the BCA is to: “ enable the achievement of nationally consistent, minimum necessary standards of relevant safety (including structural safety and safety from fire ), health, amenity and sustainability objectives efficiently.”

How can you comply with the performance requirements of the BCA?

Compliance with the BCA is achieved by meeting the Performance Requirements. The Performance Requirements can only be satisfied by constructing in accordance with a: • Performance Solution; or • Deemed to Satisfy Solution; or • combination of the above. (see Part AO. 2 of the BCA ).

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How often is the building code updated?

Update process Every year, MBIE consults on the Building Code its documents providing an opportunity for the public and sector to submit feedback on the proposed changes.

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