What is construction induction?

A white card (or general construction induction card) is required for workers who want to carry out construction work. People who need a white card include: site managers, supervisors, surveyors, labourers and tradespeople. workers whose employment causes them to routinely enter operational construction zones.

What do site inductions include?

A construction site induction is a safety briefing given to workers at the start of the project. It tells them about the safety rules and controls in place, the hazards they might be exposed to, and how to work safely on the site.

How long does a construction induction take?

The slides in this presentation are designed for a short (1/2 to 2 Hour) induction session for operatives arriving on site. Statistics show that that this is often the danger period for workers. The commitment of the company to health and safety should be stressed.

What should be in a contractor induction?

The induction should be site specific and highlight any particular risks (including those listed in Schedule 3 of the CDM 2015 Regulations) and control measures that those working on the project need to know about.

What are the 3 main types of induction training?

There are three basic phases to any induction process:

  • Pre- Induction: This occurs prior to a new employee starting work.
  • Induction: This is the actual transition into the work place.
  • Post- Induction: This period is about adjustment to the new role having already started.
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What is induction training in safety?

A safety induction is a training session designed to teach your employees about your worksite, organization, emergency procedures, rules, safety management plan, incident and hazard reporting requirements, and other important aspects of your company’s operation.

When should site induction be done?

When your team knows what to do, and what to expect, everyone can work safer, together. Construction site inductions are required by law. It is a legal requirement that every worker should have a suitable site induction on every construction site they work on.

Who is responsible for site induction?

It is the principal contractor’s duty under CDM to ensure that a suitable site induction is provided. Every construction project with more than one contractor must have a principal contractor appointed by the client. This contractor is in overall control of the construction site.

What is the purpose of safety induction?

A safety induction informs your employees of your company’s safety practices, giving them the guidance, they need to work safely and effectively within the company. In a nutshell a safety induction is the first step for many employees to help them assist in the creation of a safer more harmonious workplace.

What should the site specific induction cover?

Site induction templates should include;

  • Competencies and qualifications of inductees.
  • Procedures for reporting incidents, injuries, and hazards.
  • Workplace safety rules.
  • Induction using safe work method statement.
  • Training on use of specialised equipment.
  • Do people have the right Personal Protective Equipment for their jobs.

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