What does co stand for in engineering?

CO Construction Abbreviation

5 CO Building, Business, Organizations
3 CO Engineering, Construction Industry, Technology
1 CO Technology, Business, Projection
3 CO Mechanics, Architecture, Plumbing
3 CO Mechanics, HVAC, Architecture


What does the abbreviation CO mean?

Acronym Definition
CO Colorado (US postal abbreviation )
CO Commanding Officer
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO Call-Out


What is C C in construction?

is written on a structural drawing and refers to the distance between screws, my question is if C / C means “center to center” Eduardo. Selected answer:Yes. Explanation: Also seen as ” c-c ” (and other variants).

What does co stand for in jail?

A prison officer or corrections officer is a uniformed official responsible for the custody, supervision, safety, and regulation of prisoners.

What is a Co in business?

Co. is an abbreviation for company, a catchall phrase for an association of people working together in a commercial or industrial enterprise, such as in a sole proprietorship, limited liability company or corporation.

What does co stand for in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: C

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Abbreviation Meaning
CO cardiac output carbon monoxide complains of
COAD chronic obstructive airways disease
COCP combined oral contraceptive pill
COH controlled ovarian hyperstimulation


What does co mean texting?

“Commanding Officer” is the most common definition for CO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. CO. Definition: Commanding Officer.

What does C O mean legally?

” C / O ” means “in care of”. So, If John Doe wants mail sent to him at Greg Jones’ address, he would address the letter as follows: John Smith.

What is CC and OC in construction?

A Completion Certificate ( CC ) proves that the builder has not violated any building rules and standards. An Occupation Certificate ( OC ) is issued after the construction meets the building standards. A CC alone cannot legalise occupation; you must have the OC too.

What is CC approval?

The legal possession of the Flat by the Owner is valid only with the Occupancy Certificate. So, the main difference between Completion certificate & Occupancy Certificate is that CC shows that the building construction is done as per the plan which was approved by the concerned authorities.

What is CC in land?

A commencement certificate is a document from the local municipal authority that permits the developer to begin construction of the project. The commencement certificate (or CC ) is usually granted, only after the developer has met the legal requirements and obtained the relevant sanctions for the building’s plan.

What’s the difference between CO and do?

A DO is a Detention Officer. They guard people waiting for trial. A CO guards people already convicted and serving time in jail. Most places refer to them as correctional officers.

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What is the difference between a CO and a DO?

What’s the difference and what does DO stand for? Correctional officer and detention officer. COs are usually in prison and DOs are in state jails. I’m assuming if the inmate is saying CO it’s because they have served time in a prison before.

Does co stand for correctional officer?

CO stands for Correctional Officer.

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