What is a PCI in construction?

PCI. Potential Change Item ( construction )

What does PCI stand for engineering?

PCI in Engineering

9 PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect Technology, Computing, Information Technology
1 PCI Potential Cost Item recent Construction
1 PCI Precast Concrete Institute Transportation, Civil Engineering, Precast
1 PCI Protocol Control Information Technology, Computing, Telecom

What does PCI stand for?

PCI stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. The full acronym is PCI DSS, but most people just call it PCI for short.

What does its stand for in construction?

ITS Construction Abbreviation

1 ITS Information Technology Services Technology, Business, Politics
1 ITS Institute Of Trading Standards + 1 variant Engineering, Architectural
ITS Institute of Trading Standards Technology, Architectural, Architecture

What happens at PCI?

The Practical Completion Inspection ( PCI ) is an exciting time where your Construction Supervisor can reveal the finished product with all finishing touches completed. Any items that require attention are recorded for the Construction Supervisor to action and both parties sign off on these items.

How long after PCI is handover?

Home owners need to be aware the PCI is not handover and keys are not available until settlement of the account which is normally 10 days after PCI. The builder has an obligation to complete the outstanding items in a diligent and timely manner ensuring the agreed list is completed at handover of the property.

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Is PCI still used?

Peripheral Component Interconnect, or PCI, is the most common way to attach add-on controller cards and other devices to a computer motherboard. This type of connector originated in the early 1990s, and is still in use today. Presently, there are three main PCI motherboard connectors (usually referred to as “slots”.)

What is the use of PCI?

Stands for “Peripheral Component Interconnect.” PCI is a hardware bus used for adding internal components to a desktop computer. For example, a PCI card can be inserted into a PCI slot on a motherboard, providing additional I/O ports on the back of a computer.

How many types of PCI slots are there?

You’re most likely only going to encounter AGP, PCI, and PCI Express when working with computers today. In the picture below is an example of what expansion slots may look like on a motherboard. In this picture, there are three different types of expansion slots: PCI Express, PCI, and AGP.

Who Does PCI apply to?

The PCI DSS applies to all entities that store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data. It covers technical and operational system components included in or connected to cardholder data. If you are a merchant who accepts or processes payment cards, you must comply with the PCI DSS.

Is PCI required by law?

PCI compliance is not required by federal law in the US, but there are some state level laws that refer to PCI compliance. However, your Credit Card Company or merchant bank will generally require your business to be PCI compliant.

What is a PCI fee?

The PCI Compliance fee, also sometimes called a “ PCI DSS Compliance Fee,” is a cost that is imposed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Counsel ( PCI DSS) onto credit card processing service providers and sales organizations. Many call the PCI Compliance fee a form of taxation without representation.

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What is its in technology?

Short for Federal Intelligent Transportation Systems, it is a broad range of wireless and wired communications-based information and electronics technologies that are integrated into transportation system and in vehicles themselves. ITS is made up of 16 types of technology based systems.

What is its construction?

ITS is a successful construction recruitment agency with over 40 years of experience in supplying skilled, unskilled and professional personnel to the construction industry.

What does its * mean?


Acronym Definition
ITS Information Technology Service (SAIC)
ITS Information Technology System
ITS Intelligent Transportation System
ITS In the Spotlight (Boulder, CO)


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