What are house bearers?

Bearers carry the loads from the floor joists across large spans. In upper storeys, if the rooms underneath are large, the joists may not be able to economically span the full width of the room and a bearer will offer an intermediate support. On lower storeys, the bearer may span between the stumps.

How is bearer calculated?

The bearer span, which is the stump or post spacing, is determined by A – the roof load width in conjunction with the floor load width or by B – for a bearer supporting floor loads only, the bearer spacing i.e. the joist span.

What’s the difference between bearer and joist?

What Are Bearers and Joists? Bearers are the timber or steel that attaches directly to the stumps in the ground, that supports the deck of flooring structure. Joists are the timbers that then attach across the top of the bearers, after which the timber or particle board floor is then attached.

What is a bearer?

1: someone or something that bears, supports, or carries She was the bearer of bad news. 2: a person who has a check or an order for payment. bearer. noun. bear·​er | ˈbar-ər

How much are concrete stumps?

For example, the cost of a 400mm long and 75x75mm wide concrete stump is around $5. Expect around $10 for a 1200mm concrete stump of the same width. Normally, restumping contractors remove the floorboards to set up hydraulic jacks and install the stumps.

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What wood is used for joists?

Common species used in-house framing include: Southern yellow pine and Douglas fir have high bending strength. Hemlock, spruce, and redwood have medium bending strength. Western red cedar, Eastern white pine, and ponderosa pine have low bending strength.

What is load width?

Whether the bearers are supporting load bearing walls or only floor loads, the area of the floor supported by an individual bearer must be determined. This is referred to as the floor load width (FLW). Tile roofs impart a heavier dead load on the bearers than sheet roofs.

What is a bearer on a deck?

Bearers are the timbers that are attached to the stumps or posts that support the deck and Joists are the timbers that are attached across the bearers to which the decking boards are in turn attached.

What size should floor bearers be?

1. Minimum bearing lengths for support of bearers: 45mm on end supports, and 65mm internal supports.

What is a bearer beam?

Girders are 2,3m deep modular trussed beams that are bolted together end on end to create a stable portal. They are ideal for spanning over a road or river. The Beams can be bolted together end on end to span up to 27m.

Can you cut a bearer?

You could cut the bearer half thickness for the end 90mm and lap the two bearers together. You could then easily fit two bolts through both bearers at the same time.

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