What is a guide in SketchUp?

In previous versions of SketchUp, guides were called construction geometry because that’s basically what they are: a special kind of entity that you create when and where you need them. This means that you can choose to hide them or delete them — like other annotations, they don’t affect the rest of your geometry.

Why can’t I offset a line in SketchUp?

You can’t offset just one edge with the ‘ Offset ‘ tool in SketchUp. You’ll need to select at least two connected (or more coplanar connected) edges. Or a single face. The edges are needed to define the plane in which the offset will be taking place.

How do I draw a point in SketchUp?

You add a guide point by selecting the tape measure tool, clicking on a vertex, moving the cursor to where you want the point, and clicking again. If the new location is on the same edge as the start vertex, you will get just a guide point.

How do I fill a face in SketchUp?

To create a face, re-trace between two points on your curve which will fill the face. then push/pull it through – use the inference to make it as deep as the other edge.

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How do you make a face plugin for SketchUp?

Sketchup Create Faces Plugin

  1. Import. First, import your 2D AutoCAD model, or draw a few shapes in Sketchup.
  2. Select. Once you have your shapes drawn or your model imported, use the selector tool to select all of the shapes.
  3. Extensions > Eneroth Face Creator.
  4. Import.
  5. Select.
  6. Extensions > Eneroth Face Creator.

How will you ensure that you can create a line with accurate measurements in sketch up?

(Optional) To make your line a precise length, type a value and press Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (macOS). You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you draw a new line or select another tool. If you don’t specify a unit, SketchUp uses the unit specified in your template.

What action does the Orbit Tool perform?

Lets you rotate the camera around your model.

What action does the zoom tool perform?

What action does the Zoom tool perform? Allows you to move your model quickly.

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