What does PCA stand for in construction?

Introduction. Before you start any approved building or construction work, your local council or a licensed independent party must be appointed as a principal certifying authority ( PCA ).

How do you become a principal certifying authority?

To become a registered certifier in NSW you must apply to NSW Fair Trading and:

  1. complete the Certification Short Course offered by the University of Technology Sydney.
  2. demonstrate you have the qualifications, experience, skills and knowledge.
  3. demonstrate you are a fit and proper person.

Can a private certifier issue a DA?

Private Certifiers can issue the Construction Certificate and undertake all the inspections. When lodging a Development Application ( DA ) with Council, you do not need to apply at that time for the Construction Certificate (CC). Only lodge and pay for the Development Application.

What is critical stage inspection?

Critical stage inspections are mandatory inspections that are required as part of your development consent.. A Critical stage inspection ensures that what is being built is consistent with what has been designed and issued as construction drawings with the appropriate amendments.

What is PCA fee?

The certifier or council is known as the Principal Certifying Authority ( PCA ). The PCA issues the required certificates including the occupation certificate. When you appoint My Building Certifier as your PCA a fee is payable for the inspections and the issue of the final occupation certificate.

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What is PCA service?

Personal Care Assistant ( PCA ) Program – Agency-Based or Consumer-Directed Options. A state program that provides home care services to older adults and people with disabilities who live in their own home or community.

Can a builder engage a PCA?

Before building work can commence, the person who benefits from the building project the most must appoint a PCA. For example, if you have hired a licensed builder to take charge of building your home, you, not the builder, are responsible for appointing a Principal Certifying Authority.

What do you need to be a building certifier?

To become an accredited certifier in NSW, you need to obtain between one and three years of practical experience in building surveying or certification. You can complete study and practical experience at the same time.

What is the role of a building certifier?

A building certifier is a trained professional who knows all the laws, building codes and local regulations that apply to the construction industry. As such, a building certifier is the person responsible for ensuring any construction meets council approval for new constructions or renovations.

How much does it cost to get DA approval?

Most councils adopt the fees set by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act so if, for instance, DA works would cost $500,000, the fee would be $1745. To that would be added the architect fees, consultants’ fees, a construction certificate fee and a compliance certificate fee.

When can I use a private certifier?

If you are planning to carry out building work or renovation in Sydney or the surrounding areas of Penrith, Blacktown, or the Blue Mountains you may be required, under New South Wales legislation, to obtain approvals and be issued with particular certificates.

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What is private certifier?

What does a private certifier do? They assess and approve plans for new building work or alterations/additions. They inspect the mandatory stages of building work. For example, a basic house will require four inspections: Slab Stage, Bond Beam Stage, Frame Stage, and Final Stage.

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