What is an outrigger on a building?

An outrigger is a stiff beam that connects the shear walls to exterior columns. When the structure is subjected to lateral forces, the outrigger and the columns resist the rotation of the core and thus significantly reduce the lateral deflection and base moment, which would have arisen in a free core.

What is outrigger structural system?

Outrigger structural system is an interior lateral load resisting system that is located within the interior of the building. It consists of a core structure connected to the perimeter columns of the building by means of structural members called outriggers.

What is outrigger truss?

The outrigger and belt truss system is one of the lateral loads resisting system in which the external columns are tied to the central core wall with very stiff outriggers and belt truss at one or more levels. Outrigger and belt trusses, connect planar vertical trusses and exterior frame columns.

What is an outrigger scaffold?

Outrigger: The structural member of a supported scaffold used to increase the base width of a scaffold in order to provide support for and increased stability of the scaffold.

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Where are outriggers located?

Outrigger pads are placed on the ground under the equipment’s outrigger, shoe, float or foot. The size and thickness of the outrigger pads to be used should be selected based upon the type of equipment, soil conditions of the work site and type of lift being performed.

What is core structural system?

Core and outrigger structural system The central core contains shear walls or braced frames. Outrigger systems functions by tying together two structural systems ( core system and a perimeter system ), and render the building to behave nearly as composite cantilever.

What is diagrid structural system?

A diagrid (a portmanteau of diagonal grid) is a framework of diagonally intersecting metal, concrete, or wooden beams that is used in the construction of buildings and roofs. The diagrid obviates the need for columns and can be used to make large column-free expanses of roofing.

What is a rigid frame structure?

In structural engineering, a rigid frame is the load-resisting skeleton constructed with straight or curved members interconnected by mostly rigid connections, which resist movements induced at the joints of members. Its members can take bending moment, shear, and axial loads.

What does an outrigger do?

An outrigger describes any contraposing float rigging beyond the side (gunwale) of a boat to improve the vessel’s stability. In an outrigger canoe and in sailboats such as the proa, an outrigger is a thin, long, solid, hull used to stabilise an inherently unstable main hull.

How do you make an outrigger?

Outriggers are rigid horizontal structures designed to improve building overturning stiffness and strength by connecting the building core or spine to distant columns. Outriggers have been used in tall, narrow buildings for nearly half a century, but the design principle has been used for millennia.

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What is an outrigger on a crane?

Outrigger: A beam which extends from the lower works of a crane to increase the crane’s stability. The beams may be either extendible/retractible or fixed length and typically utilize some type of pad to distribute loads to the ground surface. ( Source: A Glossary of Common Crane and Rigging Terms.

What part of scaffold that holds the platform?

Ledgers: Ledgers are horizontal braces, running parallel to the wall, that supports the standing platform of the scaffold.

How high can you build a scaffold?

Scaffold tower can be erected in all shapes and sizes. The standard dimensions are 5 foot and 7 foot long. Reaching 5 foot high all the way up to 30 feet tall.

What is the most common supported scaffold?

Because frame scaffolds are the most common type of supported scaffold, this eTool uses the frame module to describe requirements that are common to all supported scaffolds.

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