Is construction the most dangerous industry?

In 2019, depending on the measure used, each of these four industries could be ranked as most dangerous: Construction – experienced the most workplace deaths. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting – experienced the highest death rate per 100,000 workers.

Why construction industry is the most dangerous industry?

Due to the nature of the work that must be completed, the construction industry is inherently dangerous. Men and women who work at construction sites are routinely exposed to hazardous working conditions that put them at risk of suffering injuries related to falls, machinery and structural collapses.

Which industries are the most dangerous?

The logging industry was followed by:

  • Fishing — 77.4 deaths per 100,000 workers.
  • Aircraft pilots and flight engineers — 58.9 deaths per 100,000 workers.
  • Roofers — 51.5 deaths per 100,000 workers.
  • Trash and recycling material collectors — 44.3 deaths per 100,000 workers.
  • Truck drivers — 26 deaths per 100,000 workers.
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What industries would fit into the top 3 for the most fatalities in Australia?

Three industries have been responsible for 69 per cent of worker fatalities last year, according to Safe Work Australia research: transport, postal and warehousing (38 fatalities ), agriculture, forestry and fishing (37 fatalities ) and construction (24 fatalities ).

What is the #1 most dangerous job?

The most dangerous job in America is logging. Logging workers had a fatal accident rate that was 33 times the average job nationwide. Logging workers harvest forests to provide the raw material for goods such as wood, paper, and cardboard, in addition to other industrial products.

How many construction workers died in 2019?

The construction industry again had the highest number of fatalities of all industries in 2019 with 1,061 worker deaths. This is a 5.3% increase over the 1,008 fatal injuries in 2018.

What is the most dangerous job in construction?

The construction industry jobs that made the list of the top 25 most dangerous jobs include:

  • derrick workers, who set up and operate drilling equipment.
  • roofers.
  • ironworkers.
  • crane operators.
  • landscaping supervisors.
  • highway and general maintenance workers.
  • mining machine operators.
  • cement masons.

Why construction sites are dangerous?

The leading safety hazards on construction sites include falls, being caught between objects, electrocutions, and being struck by objects. Failure in any of these areas can result in an increased risk in exposing workers to harm in the construction environment.

Are building sites dangerous?

There is a big probability of accidents at a construction site, and this industry has the highest rate of fatal accidents. Workers have to work at great heights, handle heavy equipment or carry heavy tools, and be exposed to loud noise for a major part of the day that puts them in risky conditions.

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What’s the safest job in the world?

According to research by US jobs site, accountant/auditor is the world’s safest job – although with an average salary of $67,190 (£51,878), it’s far from the most lucrative “safe” job.

What is the deadliest fish in the world?

Introducing the stonefish – one of the deadliest fish in our oceans. With its potent venom, crusty skin and razor-sharp spines, this is one formidable creature, capable of killing a human in a matter of hours when a sting is left unchecked.

Which industry has the most deaths per year?

WORKPLACE DEATHS BY INDUSTRY The industries with the highest amounts of fatal injuries were, unsurprisingly, the construction industry and the transportation industry. Construction deaths decreased slightly in 2017, but transportation deaths increased in the same period.

What is the most dangerous industry in Australia?

10. Administrative and support services

Rank Industry Fatality rate per 100,000
1 Agriculture, forestry and fishing 14.9
2 Transport, postal and warehousing 7.3
3 Mining 3.4
4 Electricity, gas, water and waste services 2.9


What industry has the highest fatality rate?

In 2019, the industry sector experiencing the largest number of preventable fatal injuries was construction, followed by transportation and warehousing. The industry sector experiencing the highest fatality rates per 100,000 workers was agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, followed by mining.

What are Australia’s most dangerous industries?

The 6 Deadliest Industries for Aussie Workers

  • Three fatal Fs: farms, forestry and fishing. Agriculture, forestry and fishing is hard and dangerous work.
  • The dangerous road: transport, postal, warehousing.
  • Digging deep: mining.
  • Building a safer world: construction.
  • The front lines: electricity, gas, water and waste services.
  • Made in Australia: manufacturing.

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